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Spektrum NX radios - are they worth it?

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2 hours ago, Don Fry said:

I, pre computer, do not use loads of the features. Just adjust the physical model to fly as desired. I was formally educated in techi. But can’t be bothered to worry too much about fripperies. There is a world of pain in software glitches/clashes/why dididothat’s, or Ididn’trealizethatresultedinthat.


(I seem to have spent days lately sorting out “security” updates on various platforms. Brick through screen would sort you out mate emotions?)


That is your prerogative, but it's no longer really a tenable view - almost every electronic device you buy today have the capacity and need for software updates, and pressure from the Open source firmwares means that even the most basic TXs now come with a lot of functionality compared to 10 years ago.


Choose not to update the firmware or use the functionality if you wish, but persnally I will stick to sticky throttle cuts and logic switches that make my complex models far easier to operate. It's not like you can really opt out anyway, not if you want a TX manufactured after ~2015....! ?

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Thanks Matty, I did glance at the screen adjustment instructions for the NX, but didn't read it properly! Didn't realise it could be permanently on, but don't know how long the battery would last. I think I'll leave it be for now, I can set the audio to tell me most of what I need, and hit a button if I need to see the screen.

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