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Any links to homebrew Spectrum Telemetry using Arduino boards ?

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Hi all,

I had great success with the magazine article and forum comments putting together Frsky telemetry modules and adding GPS which wasn't covered in the original article , they work brilliantly without costing too much and have even knocked a couple out for Graupner users at the club . I am now hooked on telemetry- current, vario and GPS sometimes voltage but have a lot of Spectrum models that need the same treatment but cannot find much info on homebrew Spectrum sensors using Arduino boards , anyone got a link or have done it themselves and wants to share ?  I see that Spectrum uses a hub TM1000 ? and all the sensors plug into that , I imagine it's not hugely different to FRSKY setup and could be replicated using an Arduino . Does anyone have any links to working code ? 


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Thanks Dad_flyer that went right over my head on first read !  Maybe I should read and read again until it enters my addled brain but that's the sort of thing I was thinking of . On the Frsky sensors they became an absolute doddle when i discovered the configurator program so easy to use , wonder if some clever type fancies writing one for Spectrum ? 


P.S anymore info about Spectrum ? Put the E back into RCM&E .

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