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Long time plank pilot would like some heli setup advice


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Hi to All,

Last year I was given a Kyosho Nexus 30 helicopter (the white one). It appeared to have been flown and then someone had attempted to restore it, but the setup was awful. With the help of a one time heli flyer friend we (he) got it set up. S I felw it successfully for around an hour before a bad decision ended in a boom strike! It turns out trying to hold an iphone to video a short hover was not a good idea, who would have guessed! I was quite happy though as its thirty years since I hovered a proper heli.

Another friend said "I've got one of those, would you like it for spares?". A few days later he turned up with another Nexus! It was very dusty, garage or shed stored I expect, but when I cleaned it up it wasn't too bad.

So I repaired the first one with bought parts and I've rebuilt the second one. The engine is an Irvine 36. I have fitted a Futaba GY401 gyro, Lemon receiver, Spektrum DS821 servos and I'm using a Spektrum DX7S Tx.

The Gyro supports three flight modes and what I'm looking for is some general setup advice. I'm not very familiar with the programming of this transmitter as my main one is an original DX7!

Specifically I seem to get the three modes on the gyro but but only get one of them on throttle hold, Ok for autorotations but that's about it.

I also can't work out how so set and idle up.

Loads of question to come but these will do for now.




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