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  1. Hi to All, Last year I was given a Kyosho Nexus 30 helicopter (the white one). It appeared to have been flown and then someone had attempted to restore it, but the setup was awful. With the help of a one time heli flyer friend we (he) got it set up. S I felw it successfully for around an hour before a bad decision ended in a boom strike! It turns out trying to hold an iphone to video a short hover was not a good idea, who would have guessed! I was quite happy though as its thirty years since I hovered a proper heli. Another friend said "I've got one of those, would you like it for spares?". A few days later he turned up with another Nexus! It was very dusty, garage or shed stored I expect, but when I cleaned it up it wasn't too bad. So I repaired the first one with bought parts and I've rebuilt the second one. The engine is an Irvine 36. I have fitted a Futaba GY401 gyro, Lemon receiver, Spektrum DS821 servos and I'm using a Spektrum DX7S Tx. The Gyro supports three flight modes and what I'm looking for is some general setup advice. I'm not very familiar with the programming of this transmitter as my main one is an original DX7! Specifically I seem to get the three modes on the gyro but but only get one of them on throttle hold, Ok for autorotations but that's about it. I also can't work out how so set and idle up. Loads of question to come but these will do for now. Shaun.
  2. seems to me you will have to call it the eLaSTICK!
  3. I’ve been following Juan on his Blancolirio channel for a while now. Gives accurate factual reports updated as information arises. I also recommend Petter on mentourpilot and VASAviation.
  4. Not sure if I’m doing it correctly with the new platform.
  5. I’ve been holding off commenting but this new site appears to be awful. as many say, far to much white space. I used to be able to dip in, look at the latest posts, comment if I wished and leave. Absolutely everything seems to be double spaced. Finding what’s happening is such a faff I just leave again. I hate to be so negative but that’s my first impression, sorry. I’ll pop back in a bit to see if things have improved.
  6. My memory of running an S61 on a 12X6 is that it goes like stink but the prop noise is horrendous! What I also seem to remember is if the transition from idle is poor you can turn the spray bar slightly to adjust it. I had an aircraft in the loft/various sheds for nearly twenty years and when I re-commissioned it only slight adjustment was needed to the carb. I bought a second S61 at a club sale for £3. I love them but as I say, they can be tricky to keep relatively quiet. Both mine are Italian built with detachable front housings.
  7. Gotta throw my tuppence worth into the ring. Please get rid of the Grocer’s apostrophe’s. They have no place in an upper crust forum such as this. Especially one hosted by a publishing house. 🤪
  8. Merry Christmas to everyone and may I add myself to the list please. Shaunie.
  9. Good luck with Covid for your boss and yourself, have a good Christmas. Maybe you can get some engine testing done? The neighbours will love you!
  10. I keep my models at work ( I’m self-employed, auto-electrician). I have about nine planes on the wall. It’s got us at least one new member and lots of interest. If it wasn’t for Covid I may have got another couple this year. amazing how unobservant people are, I’ve had customers come in three or four times before they say “I never noticed the planes up there”.
  11. Are you using a wooden or a plastic prop? Are you using a fuel with too much nitro in it? I know nothing of this particular engine but didn’t many of the Eastern European engines expect to run on straight fuel? you could put a disk of Emery cloth or wet and dry between the prop and the driver.
  12. Gonna weigh in with my tuppence worth here. Throughout my forty years in the electronics industry the gender of a connector has always been defined by the contacts themselves. Pins=male, sockets=female. Nothing stops you from defining the gender of the housing as male or female but essentially a plug has pin connectors and a socket has female connectors. Not perfect, as this discussion shows but it suffices for most situations. As for driving on the left, as far as I’m aware that is, when on horseback keeping to the left easily allowed ones sword to be brought to bear on the person coming the other way should his attentions not be honourable. Napoleon however was a lefty so on the continent he had everyone ride on the right so he got first dibs with his sword. Don’t think it occurred to him that he had disadvantaged his entire army for his own convenience. I’m a leftie too but I still think it was a bad idea though. Edited By Shaunie on 12/10/2020 00:33:07
  13. Tubes in tubeless tyres are not recommended for several reasons. They can rub and a  puncture can cause sudden deflation rather than slow deflation. get your garage or tyre bay to run some bead sealer around it. That’s what they make it for. Edited By Shaunie on 27/08/2020 22:03:11
  14. I’m very lucky, I have permission to fly from a field on the farm where I have an industrial unit. No prepared strip and not suitable for anything large but since the BMFA relaxed the don’t fly rule I’ve got in some stick time on foamies. I am missing the camaraderie and banter from the guys at the flying field though.
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