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  1. I have just listed on Ebay my Kyten laser Cut Wood Pack, Moulded Canopy and Air Scoop, plus Plan and build article. Kyten Laser Cut Wood plus parts and plan
  2. I have just listed a new Magnatilla Cowl, wheels, Pilot Manfred, Williams Brothers Vickers machine gun and a full set of used plans from the Magnatilla II kit. Hit the link below and then use 'See other items' button if you're interested. Thanks Link to Cowl
  3. It certainly looks like an Avenger and I spoke to the original owner who says "yes, that rings a bell". He was sure it wasn't a Chris Foss design. Thanks to all who replied. I just need to fit my RX and take it to the hills. As electric power flyer, slope soaring will be a new experience. Thanks again.
  4. I have jus bought this 56" span slope soarer from a friend. He'd had it some years and didn't remember what model it was. It was from a traditional balsa kit. Does anyone recognise it?
  5. I have placed an unmade Seagull Mini Christen Eagle on Ebay. It's complete and in perfect condition. Please click here for auction
  6. I am selling several FrSky receivers and Sensors. The link will take you to one auction and then you can see the other five by clicking on "See other items" on the right of the screen. Click for 1st auction Thanks
  7. Thanks for that Dennis. I did realise that I also needed to set the main volume, the one you set by hitting the back button while on the main screen. That appears to over-ride all others. There is a surprising amount of screens you need to go to to inhibit all the other bells and whistles, but now I have managed to set it so I fly with the voice for the timer plus "Motor on/Motor off" for the throttle cut and tone for the trims. Thanks again.
  8. I've recently purchased an NX8 and, although I'm generally delighted with it, I am having one problem. I have set up a timer on Timer 1 to count back from 8 minutes and have set the "Timer Event Alerts" menu to "Voice" for "Every Minute Down". This works but the voice is too low a volume to be heard while flying. I adjusted the volume in the "Voice Volume Menu" for Warnings and Timer to 100 but this makes no difference. Setting up the R knob as a volume control works but it also increases every tone and bleep the TX makes to a level that would make me very unpopular at the flight line! Does any NX user know how I can increase the volume of the voice without the other tones and bleeps? Thanks
  9. No Matty, I'm returning to Spektrum with an NX8. Back when Spektrum were moving their service centre out of the UK and my DX7 was looking a little tired I bought a QX7. I was impressed by the value and the friends were saying it was the most reliable TX they'd owned. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the complexity of setting up models on Opentx and after about a year a friend recommended a Horus X10 working on FrSky's own operating system; "just as flexible but easier to set up" he said. Now, I'm not technically minded and I only add one or two models a year and I still found that I spent too much time on youtube or reading manuals to add something simple like flaps. So realising I wasn't enjoying the experience I decided to go back to Spektrum. This isn't a criticism of FrSky, it's a great system, just not for me.
  10. I have just placed my FrSKY Horus X10 Express on Ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234267767474 Odd that the last post was my previous TX!
  11. Steve Thanks for that, the links are great and I'm sure I'll be able to set up the flaps now. I like the Horus with the Frsky OS very much but so far I've just had standard 4 channel planes to set up. Flaps were testing me! I'll be trying it out after the weekend. Thanks to all who responded. David
  12. Any help you can give would be gratefully received Steve. Obviously it has to be offset so the travel is in one direction. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks Andy. Any Frsky OS users have experience of setting up flaps? I've now set up the servos mechanically to give the required movement. Just need to set up the required menus.
  14. Thanks Allan. That's certainly worth trying and sounds good sense. The servos do need adjusting mechanically, so I'll start there. Thanks again
  15. I use a Horus X10 Express using Frsky’s own Operating System, not Open TX. Can anyone help me set up a three position flap on my Great Planes Mr Mulligan? I did find one explanation on RCGroups but this used Flight Modes and was really aimed at more complex glider set ups. All I want to do is set up a switch with No flap, half flap and full flap. So far I have assigned each flap servo its own channel and assigned a 3 position switch to flaps. Obviously the set up is done within the ‘Flap Set’ and ‘End Point’ menus but my attempts so far have only resulted in the servos buzzing away and moving half the distance at best. If anyone has done this and can give me their menu values as a starting point, or any other hints, I’d be grateful.
  16. Mine arrived today and it's a good issue. Every business is being tested by covid including publishers, printers and distribution. I think we just need to be patient and keep supporting them by buying the mag on subscription or over the counter. Then they'll hopefully be there for us to enjoy when things return to normal.
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