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  1. A Great Walk-Around - release date 21st May 2020.  The F-86 Sabre was scheduled for a photo flight a few weeks ago. Steve Hinton walks us around and explains various parts of the aircraft during his pre-flight. Part II coming soon includes cockpit footage of the flight.     Many thanks to Steve Hinton and the 'Planes of Fame' team for a brilliant video.     Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 21/05/2020 06:29:50
  2. I like Auster's. Below and just a few miles from my home are some pictures outside the old factory.  Map Link:   Look for  -  ECF Ltd - on the map.  Also look at the Auster website :-  http://www.austerhg.org/       Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 12/05/2020 08:11:14
  3.   Lots of nice project's everyone, and nice Lancaster's Chris. My own lock down project. My current car has the ability to sleep two people inside, great for when you travel to a model flying event, however you normally have to move the models and kit to the passenger seats to bed down. Well the car has big rear windows and wide window ledges, an ideal place for a transport box to nestle into. So I set to with cardboard, ply, PVA, brown paper, bamboo, dowels, broom handle and bolts and steel etc, nothing was purchased and all of it was lying around the shed. Here's some pictures from the raw state box at present, it's being painted to match the interior trim of the car. Above, left side window showing window wide ledge, Below, right side showing fitted with box. I'll start a thread for the box explaining it's build method. Picture link. Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 07/05/2020 09:45:57
  4. A better link for you Engine Doc, by the way - great vid. LOL.
  5.   See AgentJayZ inside a Sabre cockpit ! He is showing the difference on how to start a turbojet engine in his test cell compared to how it's done in the aircraft.       I wonder how much he wants for the altimeter gauge?           Edited By Mark Kettle 1 on 20/04/2020 07:46:31
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