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  1. Here it is before said accident. The Graphite 2E is also mine as I am a bit of a glider guider (Don't judge me!) 😄
  2. Gonna do the full Lazarus on this topic. After years of sterling service, my Pushycat finally came a cropper. I heard the dreaded "RSSI lost" announcement from my Tx at the top of a loop, this without any previous warning of "RSSI low" or "RSSI critical". The result was almost total loss of airframe - "almost" as the wings look salvageable. Anyway, I have started the rebuild and hope to have it in the air reasonably soon. Wish me luck! Clive.
  3. Hi Piers, I actually flew mine on the stock motors and fans but using 11.1V LiPo and a 40A ESC. It flew in a scale like manner on 3/4 throttle but one motor lost power in flight and I powered off to an OK landing. You are right that brushless would be the way to go but as I was given this model secondhand, I do not really want to invest much cash into it initially hence the call for the brushed Speed 320. I hope that the Sp 320s will be adequate for a scale flight (I have other models for aerobatics). Clive.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a CC Lee Me 262 EDF. It uses Speed 320 size brushed motors. Can anyone recommend a UK supplier for these motors? An Internet search has left me baffled as, back in the day, Speed 320, Speed 400 and Speed 600 motors were plentiful - I guess the move to brushless has influenced supply. The motors have a can length of 32mm with a 2mm shaft and are variously described as: Graupner Speed 320 Mabuchi 320 Can motor TIA Clive.
  5. White cortex can be bought from Selco builders merchants. I bought the four mm and two mm (I believe) a few years ago. My flying buddy Phil May built me a Mig-3 out of it. It flies well in a reasonable blow - which can all but be guaranteed at the Bwlch or other South Wales slopes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ7hhEAt36U Clive.
  6. Well, she flies! Thanks to all that contributed. The power system that you helped me choose, based on your experiences, worked a treat, with no hint of underpowering the Spit at all. There were a couple if things that were off, I had to use an obscene amount of up trim to fly straight and level. Perhaps a bit of down thrust is needed. Also my retract mountings also require a bit of beefing up. I only flew for a few circuits before a no dramas landing and that took about 16% out of the battery so I do not think the motor is drawing an excessive amount of amps when airborne. All in all a positive start - now for the small amount of remedial work and painting her. 👍 Clive.
  7. You could try one of these in 1500Kv guise - the bumf says you should use it with a 40A ESC (I think the Volantex is 30A) and a 9X6 prop with a 2 cell battery for about just over a kilogramme of "pull" (I think they mean thrust!) **LINK** Clive. Clive.
  8. Well I did whattmeter her and now with a 15X10 APC"E" I have 1110W at 46A. Encouraging. I will have to check my calibration settings between the Tx and the ESC as I found that she will go to half throttle stick or so and then top out - i.e. that is full revs. I have decided that after system checks etc. I will taxi trial her in an unpainted form, possibly go for a maiden if the conditions allow. It will be interesting to see the weight difference unpainted to painted.
  9. I have found my BOT "E" Soarer benefitted from moving the battery forward to it's furthest forward point (I have the RC Airmods battery/canopy holder and suggested battery fitted) and also cutting down my throws to the recommended ones in the manual. OK, It will not turn as tight as it did when in lift but also will not now tip stall and roll out of a "weaker" thermal. Brilliant machine. Enjoy yours. Clive.
  10. I have just weighed the airframe and ready to fly she is 7.3 lbs which includes balancing weight but not paint. I also unintentionally misled you about the whattmeter reading - the readings I posted were with a 15 x 8 prop. I have now fitted a 15x10, so am looking at a bit more power - I shall whattmeter it later. Things are looking positive! Clive.
  11. Just waiting for the fin epoxy adhesive to dry. She is starting to feel like an aeroplane, lol. Clive.
  12. Hi Eric, thanks for the information, the fact that your hurri flies at that weight with less volts on the same prop I have has given me hope! lol. Trevor Crook, that is great. I managed to download the FL Spit manual and as well as the bolt holding the prop backplate and the prop cross-holder on the threaded adaptor, this has a keyed, square drive into the backplate. (I know the above sounds gibberish but one look at the manual will clear it up) Now that I have found out it is 8mm, which is the same size as the adaptor I have on My motor, I might consider using the FL spinner as the spinner comes as a kit and seperately you can buy the blades/backplate unit as well for not a great deal of money. The TN one is the same size and I have the builders log, which helps with some details. I think the TN one was designed with one eye on electifying it, whilst this one is an earlier plan which has all the (heavy) bells and whistles strengthening you would expect a vibration prone IC engine would need. Clive.
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