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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a Futaba expert to point me in the right direction.I have a 10 CG and I am a bit stuck with the flap/elevator mixing. What I want is to program my 3 position switch either C or E to operate my flaps as follows up =off ie no flaps middle=half flaps which also puts in a little bit of down elevator down= full flaps. Which then puts in a little bit more down elevator i have searched through the hand book but am completely lost any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I tested it and had a couple of hairy moments as I didn’t realise that the tape covering the model conducts electricity!.I lost contact with the model at certain attitudes. Luckily got it down in one piece. I remedied this by bringing the ariels through the covering in short lengths of drinking straws. This has solved the problem but I haven’t risked flying too far out. I fly with a Futaba 2.4Ghz, radio with a 617 receiver so the ariels are quite short. With the old 35 Mhz sets I could leave the Ariel trailing behind the model.I wonder if there was a way extending the ariels on 2.4Ghz?
  3. I have always built my models and fly using Futaba radios I have come across a nice A10 Warthog which is tempting me .I believe it comes with a Spektrum receiver. What would I need to do in order to fly with my trusty Futaba 10 CG Would just changing the receiver do the trick? Cheers
  4. Many thanks folks….just waiting for better weather now😀
  5. As a point of interest you say that I should divide the amp reading by 4,does that apply to the Watt reading as well?
  6. The two out board nacelles are 14” apart and the inboard nacelles are about 10”. hmm I will have to think about this. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. It flies well enough with the set up of 5x3 props,I was hoping for a bit more by putting 6X4 props on. Hence the question to the forum.
  8. Advice requested for the following i I am building a 4 motor set up and when trying out have the following results set up as follows 4XA2212/6T motors props. 6X4 ESC 4 off bog standard 40 Amp unbranded ( from China) battery 3700 3 s wheh hooked up to a watt meter here are the results A 63. W 570. V 11.1 an I right In thinking that I need 80 A ESC’s Any comments and advice great fully received
  9. Sorted out the problem by making a scale Chuck glider out of depron, scaling at 1” to 1 cms. Tried that until I had a nice glide. meant that I had to move the CG position by approx 1in h forward. Model now flies stable and slow..Picture shows both together. many thanks to all who put forward suggestions.
  10. I put 3mm washers to create down thrust,I think I will add a few more. Could it be that the motor/prop set up is too powerful, as it flies better at just over a quarter throttle. I am getting more used to flying this model, but of I whack open the throttle it goes up like a homesick angel.
  11. Do you mean the thrust centre line, rather than the CG? That might be an idea to try….thanks
  12. I have introduced some down thrust,but it hasn’t made that much difference,so I will try the throttle/elevator mix. I have used the wing beds(see photo) to make a Chuck glider and have a good cg position as this glides on a good slope that is why I will try the program mixes which has been suggested.I will report back when I get the chance to try it out. Many thanks for all the suggestions so far
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