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  1. ... Hakuna matata... No worries, Dwain. I seem to have the same symptoms as you had. Flu/fever & feeling quite exhausted... Nothing a 'medicinal' apéro can't handle... ? ... even dreaming is still allowed... ? The Dog will have to wait for a while, though. Cheers Chris
  2. Thanks for visiting, Dirk. A party tent should be a very convenient idea, but unfortunately La Grotte being just a small flat, there is no outdoors space to be able to install even a small tent. Thanks also for your motivating comment. I'll try to go on with the Dog as soon as I can. That second C19-jab causing me a few health issues at the moment... ? Cheers Chris
  3. ... in my musical youth, if I recall correctly it used to be "Judy in disguise"... ? But Don is right regarding the French language, although the plural form should be "Jean LesnoyauX"... The Dutch form "Jan Pitten" should be equally usable of course... You did a great job, Jean... we'll miss you, mate. Cheers Chris
  4. Thanks for visiting & for your motivating post, Nev. ? My 'rain disaster' has been sanded down and the wing is now ready to be primed again. No chance I 'll try it outdoors again and it has been raining EVERY day here in BE. I guess I'll have to take the 'courage' to transform the kitchenette in a spray booth following my initial idea... ? Cheers Chris
  5. Congrats to Charles & Igor. ? Really 'devastating' for Charles LEC at his home race... and for poor Valtteri as well... As John S wrote, it really has been an eternity since we had a switch in the Constructor's ranking. @Glenn Philbrick > you must be really impatient but Baku is within two weeks and not "next week"... ? Cheers Chris
  6. ... great! ... and enjoy your WE, Phil. ... but don't forget to take some pics for those 'poor guys' staying at home... ? Cheers Chris
  7. Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments, guys. ? I guess, regarding the weather, we are in the same boat - ark? - both in the UK and here in BE. Good luck with the 'clouds & wind' at your Great Orme weekend, Phil. ? Is yours to be maiden as well? ... and don't forget your Monaco GP predictions, John S... Cheers Chris
  8. Hi again, Really not much progress here in BE. I only managed to get two coats of primer to the canopy fillets. Both top wing halves were sanded down ready for primer... I thought I would manage to coat them quickly in between the forecasted 'possible rainfall', 'light showers' or 'overcast sky'... But when I just had a light first coat applied, 'the sky started to cry', ruining my outdoors effort... ... I can't repeat here the French swearing words that followed... where are those sanding blocks??? ... Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Disaster Control
  9. I don't think I could ever bring up your patience, Dirk. I used to build a lot of 'scratch' plugs for car parts at full size in a former life, but it seemed a lot easier than your Fouga model... On a side note, is that framed 'red car' picture in the background a... Porsche ??? ... Cheers Chris
  10. I always do that, Dwain. ? I always sand and polish my nails before Iris gives me that French manicure... Can I use that trick for my toe nails as well? ... Any tutorial at hand? ... ... ? Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Toe Nails Control
  11. Hello out there, Totally convinced that the canopy fillet Sauce was fully dry now, here is the result I got so far. New masking tape applied & ready now for a coat of primer, weather permitting of course. Started the sanding of the wing as well. ? Why do I have the feeling that I'm really starting to hate sanding stuff now? ... ? Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Sanding 2 Much Control
  12. Hi again, Just to be on the prudent side with the canopy fillet, I decided to give the turbine exit a bit of colour first. As to give an idea of 'burnt iron', I went for a tint called 'stainless steel' from our local DIY-center. It will need a bit of final weathering after the fuse is painted, I guess. The painted area is too large allowing for a bit of sanding back of the edges. Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Anti-Carnage #2 Control
  13. Thanks everybody. ? @john stones 1 Moderator > ... for me as well, "bit difficult to make changes" indeed as I have 0$ left in the bank... ? Cheers Chris
  14. ... right, guys... but you must be both talking about that Roman fellow who destroyed a few imperial legions, right? ... ... but my question was about "Sparticus", the way Igor spelled it a few posts ago... so, still wondering here... Cheers Chris
  15. Hi all, As opposed to what was announced on the Fantasy website a few hours ago, the site is now 'open' and the Spanish results are in... Of course I won't say more as I don't want to spoil the pleasure of the Channel 4 viewers. ? By the way... what/who is "Sparticus"??? ... Cheers Chris
  16. Thanks for the motivating comments, gents. I guess I was a bit impatient when I decided to give the Sauce a proper sanding. The first mm of sanding went perfectly but then some semi-wet grainy stuff started to fill up the grit of the sandpaper... ? ? Now I know for sure that a 'thick' layer takes a lot more time to fully dry than a thin one... !!! ... ? Repairs are now drying properly (hopefully)... Cheers Chris
  17. ... great to have you back, Dirk... ? Cheers Chris
  18. Thanks again, John. I suspect RB bought some sandbags for FP2, probably some second hand ones from Toto... Cheers & good luck all Chris
  19. Absolutely, Dirk... Same symptoms as David H2 here in BE... Cheers Chris
  20. ... come on, guys... RB is just sandbagging as they learned from Uncle Toto ages ago... Cheers & good luck all Chris
  21. Hello out there, Just a few words & a couple of pics for you all (and Dwain in particular)... ? The polyester filler was applied with that styrene 'template' and sanded back. I was surprised that it only took a very thin layer to obtain the fillet curve needed. Really not a lot of weight added whatsoever. I then went for a layer of Sauce keeping it quite 'thick', hoping to only need one layer this time. Next will be a sanding job once more ... ? Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Fillet #2 Control
  22. ... yep, John. I told you earlier, isn't it? ? There is a 'Podium Combo' for (obviously) correct podium predictions and a 'Super Combo' for the additional predictions as well... ... but now you know, I guess... ? ... ... so, please, don't ever do this again, young man... Cheers Chris
  23. ... I'm a bit worried what will happen to us all when John S will get decent "bonus points" and when his "mediocre team" will turn into something 'quite acceptable'... ? ? ? Super hattrick & congrats, John S... ? Cheers Chris
  24. Thanks for your kind advices, Nigel. ? It's a bit late for the canopy fairing now, but I copy/pasted your info about the silica into my 'Tips & Tricks' file. I've been looking at different videos from the Easy Composites staff previously and they seem to be a very 'pro' company. On a side note, they are opening their EU subsidiary soon now and their business to the Continent is on hold for now due to the regulations complications. Thanks again & Cheers Chris
  25. Hi again, My next 'duty' really is one I wasn't looking forward too. The fillet/fairing between the canopy and the fuselage... I remember Chief Phil used some P38 filler and made some kind of 'template' to bring it on. Now, the problem is I don't have polyester filler at hand but already made my template with a scrap piece of styrene and half a tongue depressor glued at each side for reinforcement. I decided to 'improvise' with alternative materials like an artist 'gel medium' to thicken some acrylic paint. That worked nicely on a test piece but unfortunately it was way too 'rubbery' to be sanded properly... Next was some epoxy mixed with microballoons. Very promising - being the right consistency - until it started to sag before the epoxy cured... Thanks Lady Gravity... ? Even adding some talcum powder in an attempt to make it a little 'stiffer' didn't gave that required Eureka moment... After learning a few tricks that didn't work, I just bought a small tin of polyester filler today... ? Hakuna matata Chris BRU - BE / CTR Fillet Control
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