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  1. ... indeed a lovely craft, John... 😃 ... but what about stopping drooling... and get that DP plan printed at 110%... !!! ... 🙄 Chris
  2. Hi John, Just download the Dave Platt plan (64") at Aerofred. Contact a (good) printing office, mail them the .pdf file and ask them to print a (or multiple) paper copy(ies) at 110% (or 109% if you want to have a precise 70" result). Jobs a good un... Chris
  3. Hi John, If you really want to scratch that itch, what about printing the Dave Platt plan at 110%... ??? ... I guess that should be close enough... Cheers Chris
  4. Congrats to Simon, John S & Igor... So, I'm not the only one being unable to read the regs correctly... even some Island natives got it wrong apparently... 🙃 Enjoy your Summer break & see you all in Zandvoort. Chris
  5. ... I had exactly the same, John S... I removed Max from my pole prediction knowing he was having a grid penalty. It was like that the previous seasons but I discovered that Fantasy GP changed it in the 2023 regs as they explain on their Facebook page... Dunno why but I should have some specs at well, I guess. Good luck anyhow, young man... Chris
  6. Congrats to Ade, Zoonie & Tony... Well, taking into account my lack of saved predictions, I'm relieved to see that I'm not that far away down the order. Next time better, I hope. See you all in my homeland... see you in Spa... Chris
  7. Well, I guess it was about my turn... I made some 'banker' predictions a while ago and adapted them after FP3 this morning. In fact, I just obtained a full 'blanco' page apparently... with 'nothing' saved at all... Just wondering how in the standings I 'll finish tomorrow... ??? ... Chris
  8. ... you finally managed that maiden flight, Dirk. You must get a nomination for the Nobel Price of Patience... Sincere congrats Chris
  9. Congrats to Zoonie, Ade & John P. Even after 're-shuffling' my cars & drivers, my journey down the pecking order goes on... The only consistency that appears is the very bad quality of my predictions... I guess I'll have to wait for the new regulations in... 2026. See you all in Magyar territory. Chris
  10. ... congrats to John S, Igor & Pete. It's looking like GASTON Formula is missing a lot of 'consistency' since the last races. Only 2 predictions right this time in Barca... It seems clear to me that John S is going to 'eat' my third podium step in Canada already... Drastic changes to my team & drivers and a seriously improved predictions coach needed very urgently... See you all in Montreal Chris
  11. ... welcome back home, Igor. No worries, you'll do fine in Monaco. Anyhow it 's also a 'gamble' city, doesn't it... Hakuna matata Chris
  12. ... and young Yuki was helping cleaning mud on the streets in Faenza, home of his Alpha Tauri squadra. He didn't make mention of it himself but the local citizens thanked him with pics on their social media... nice gesture, I think... Chris
  13. Congrats to Carl, Tony (again ! ...) & to Grumpy G. We all know that Max drives a 'rocketship' RBR... but Tony must have one as well as he just seems to be 'flying' away in our League's overall standing... 😎 🙃 🙂 See you all in 'spaghetti zone'... Chris
  14. Congrats to Igor, Tony... and Kevin for climbing up 4 places in the overall standings. Gaston's team did a very nice job, but I was lousy (again...) with my predictions scoring only a couple of 'nearly'... and five 'wrong'... ðŸĪŠ ... See you all at the 'dry marina' next week-end. Cheers Chris
  15. ... a 'boat' doesn't necesseraly need to be 'wet', John... ... remember the Miami 'marina' last season... ... 🙃
  16. ... ooh yess please, John... ... and a big bunch of cheerleaders on the pit straight... 🙂 ðŸĪŠ 😎 ...
  17. ... absolutely, Simon... ... I was just teasing you a 'tiny little bit'... 😎 ...
  18. Congrats to Tony, Simon & John S... I guess I'll better go back to surgery and have some 'blind' predictions done. ðŸĪŠ My Italian Reds totally let me down this time (again...). Time to ponder about until Baku, I guess... Cheers Chris
  19. Hi to all, A great thanks to John P for his 'special mention'. Predictions could have been quite a bit better hence my surprise to find myself still near the top of the field... I was able to leave IC on the sunday morning enabling me to watch the GP from my room. A bit uncomfortable but still great... Back home since this afternoon and still feeling very 'weak' but this can only get better within the days left before the Down Under-race. Cheers to all Chris
  20. Thanks for your concern, Igor. I'm still around but without much 'kicking' so far... I've been told with hingsight that my surgery was quite a 'heavy' one with 3 coronar by-passes next to my heart. Probably one should not know too much details in advance in this case. Anyway, after two weeks, the nasty feeling of that chest pain is slowly diminishing... albeit I'm still under rather heavy painkilling medication. Patience remains the magical word here apparently. Regarding Fantasy GP next week-end, I have a bit of a problem as well... My next surgery is planned for next Friday 17.03. Precisely during FP1 & 2 for the Jeddah GP... and 2 days in IC afterwards doesn't really help either, I'm afraid... Totally 'blind' banker predictions is my only choice, I guess... Thanks again & cheers Chris
  21. I just saw you joined our League, Carl. Welcome back & good luck to your 'Mannschaft' team... Cheers Chris
  22. ... go to https://fantasygp.com/ and then click on 'Leagues' in the left burgondy column... next follow the steps mentioned above in my post...
  23. I'm still very happy a lot of modelers seem to like Freddie B's (Secret) Sauce... I first used it on my Depron take of Peter's Ballerina and then shared it with the community. ... "some water moved under the bridges" since then, I guess. Get well soon, Peter. Cheers Chris
  24. Hi & welcome back, Carl. If you haven't done it yet, just pick a team's name and a 'manager ID' (you). Click on 'Leagues' and you'll find ours ie. 'Modelflying Forumites'. Just click on it and join the league using the code 8397165. Put your team together (drivers & teams) using your allowed millions... & while you're at it I would already make some banker predictions for Jeddah... Cheers Chris
  25. Congrats to Charles, Igor & GG Well done, gents... Considering my personal circumstances, I can only be fairly happy ending just behind our winning trio. Even despite Charles L's DNF and 'not that great' predictions, my score remains pretty acceptable. Jeddah, here we come... Cheers Chris
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