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  1. ... no worries, John. I was just teasing you. You might have your very nice revenge just with the results of your predictions... No idea what it could mean in Dutch, but Vandzoort sounds great as well... 🙃 Good luck in the Dutch dunes Chris
  2. ... "Vandvoort" must be a brandnew track then, John P? ... I just hope there was a bit of vandbagging today (with RB maybe?) ... Ready for that quali anyhow. Chris
  3. Congrats to our podium trio, JohnS, Simon and Tony. I can't see how I can manage to step up the League rankings with Tony and Igor having their respective strong results each race... See you all in Zandvoort... Chris
  4. Thanks once more, John P. As it is my 'home' GP, I guess I shouldn't expect too much of it... We'll see... Best of luck to you all. Chris
  5. Sounds great, John. ... but don't forget your Belgian GP predictions though... 🙃 Have a great WE Chris
  6. I guess nobody understands Fernando's decision. From aiming to win races/titles since his come-back, he switches to the 9th team of the constructors rankings. It is believed that Alpine's Otmar and he weren't the best 'friends'. In addition, he wanted a multi-year deal but Alpine (Rossi) only wanted to give him a one-year deal. Ocon's handling/obstruction during the Hungary GP seems to have been the 'drop too much'. Anyhow, his decision seems to be a '$olid retirement plan'. "El Plan"??? Looking forward to the Stroll Sr vs. Alonso 'battles'... and good luck to Junior... Cheers Chris
  7. Congrats to Tony, GrumpyG and Simon. 🍾 I've lost the plot with Bottas' DNF & the following VSC... 20 pts down the drain in the few last laps... As JohnS mentioned, the Reds from Maranello really need to act on a less 'amateur' way. Anyhow, enjoy the Summer Break, gents. Cheers Chris
  8. Agreed, but I don't have the impression some team is clearly dominating right now... Quite balanced so far, isn't it? ... except of course for some DNFs, bien sûr... Chris
  9. ... do you have some serious Merc involment in your team, John S? ...
  10. ... some kind of mega-gallactical improvement, John... Predictions totally ruined so far in my case. Quite sure I'm not the only one, bar Igor obviously... Keep the faith, guys. Cheers Chris
  11. ... just simply enjoy your holiday time now, Colin... 😉 ... off to Spain? ... Cheers Chris
  12. Congrats for Gold to Igor (once more ! 🙃) and for triple Silver to Pete, Kevin & Glenn as well. With only 1 prediction correct and DNFs for 2 of my team's drivers, it surely wasn't Gaston Formula's day... But I can't really blame Monsieur Ricard, can I ? See you all next week-end. Chris
  13. Heya Colin, I indeed had quite a bit of info regarding the Hispano Suiza Furies. Unfortunately I lost my complete Fury files after a disk crash. Pure from (old) memory, I would say that 2 of them had a bad outcome and that #4 became a 'phoenix' rebirth out of the two remains. Captured by the 'Nationalists', it became the one (#4) in your previous post. Plenty of details there, isn't it. That would be my primay choice, Chief... Cheers Chris
  14. Heya Dirk, I suppose your cardboard template must be reading 'Filtre à gazoil', just meaning 'Gasoil filter' over the Channel. My best guess is that you 'stole' it from your carshop bin... 😉 Cheers Chris
  15. Mega-great result, Dirk. All your patience & skills duly rewarded. As you said, up to the second (last !) one... Cheers Chris
  16. ... This all must be 'relative', I guess, Zflyer... 😉
  17. ... quite philosophical, John. Especially that thin "line" between "genius and madness"... But then, what about Einstein, Jean-Paul Sartre or Van Gogh ? ... 🙃 Or does it only applies to us, the mere mortal Forumites? ... Chris
  18. ... I can't imagine such thing as a "perfect system", Tony... 😉
  19. Still following, Colin. Due to major changes in my private life, a house move and extreme mobilty issues, I never started my Fury build. As a matter of fact, I still have my Vicomte 1916 'uncompleted' and even the PSS Sabre Dog on the back burner. I should follow your example and find my mojo again... Cheers Chris
  20. Glad to read you're getting your mojo back, Colin... Cheers Chris
  21. +1 > regarding FP1, FP2 and FP3, Glenn. FP2 on the friday (for a non sprint WE) being mostly around the same time of the day as the Quali on the saturday, it 's supposed to be the most 'instructive' for later grid positions. ... now some 'luck' is also needed of course. Cfr Igor's predictions. Only 2 "wrong way round"... mine were way off that as my points tally clearly confirms. Cheers Chris
  22. Merci beaucoup une fois de plus, JohnP. (rehearsing my French for the upcoming Le Castellet !) Congrats to Igor & Pete. I was really hoping for a better points tally but with 2 DNFs in my team, I guess I'll have to be patient once more... Keep getting your eye on me, Igor... Cheers & see you all in France Chris
  23. Thanks once more, John. Very surprised about topping the table today. I knew my end result wasn't really 'great' today but I never expected all the scores of the Forumites being even lower. Even my predictions were disastrous with every single one totally 'blanco', except one 'nearly' for the podium... Let's hope Zhou will be totally OK for Spielberg. What a huge scary moment... Cheers Chris
  24. Same here in BE, John. Since a short time - last week and this week - we had some days of quite violent very 'local downpours'. The same as those you are describing actually. Our meteo forecast for Silverstone shows a wet afternoon, possibly during Quali and indeed a dry Sunday afternoon. We'll see soon enough, I guess... Chris
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