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  1. I agree with John S. But then, I prefer scoring 'low' than to go 'pro', which I think wasn't the goal of our league. The balance amongst us being more important than the factual maximum score, imo. Opinions here? ... Cheers Chris
  2. As John S wrote, picking our cars/teams seems to become quite a challenge this season. Our budget is going to allow us less combinations, for sure. With only 10 of us subscribed so far compared to 13 last season, I'm wondering if Pete B, Ade (Flyer) and Stu are still having a nap? ... Also the possible newcomers seem to be quite 'silent'. Come on Erfolg, Grumpy Gnome, KC (or maybe Gary Manuel and Ron Gray) GET AWAKE... Cheers Chris
  3. ... I think it's 75 millions USD... but I'll have to check again... anyhow it's OK depending on how much the drivers & cars are worth, imo...
  4. Hi all, It seems the Fantasy GP site is 'open' again while offering a slightly different look. The Forumites league is still here and I was the first one to subscribe to it for 2022. The game itself is still 'locked' but they announce it will be opened soon after the Barcelona shakedown. Come on, folks... Get out of that winter sleep asap... Cheers Chris
  5. Really wondering about the Barcelona's testing days even if they're not allowing any public. But I do hope there will be enough media presence to allow us some info though. Really amused by how they are all 'hiding' their info. The 'sand bagging' is probably keeping us mere mortals till the Bahrain tests to give us some more 'real' valuable info... Cheers Chris
  6. ... the Merc as well, imho, John. A few aero experts including Gary Anderson were wondering if the Ferrari front & rear parts had been designed by different departments and joined together afterwards as there seems to be a lack of aero cohesion between the different zones... Also they 're wondering about the purpose of the concave 'bathtub' top of the sidepods combined with the top louvres... dunno... Anyhow, very different approaches in design philosophy and the different designs don't look like 'a spec car' as was feared with the new regulations. Cheers Chris
  7. Great to see you still at your 'baby'... and great help from Lana it seems... Keep your mojo, young man. Chris
  8. ... glad that you fully recovered, Dirk. So, The Chief 's back at work in the shop now. Still great to learn about all of your 'tricks' then. Cheers Chris
  9. Many thanks Danny, Seems easy enough to give it a try... ... but then isn't it always like that in the hands of an expert? ... Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Danny, ... regarding the seats' beading, even if it feels like "a simple way' to you, could you please help the mere mortals with a few bits of explanation? ... Cheers Chris
  11. Hi all, If like me, you find the 'interseason' going on way too long, here is a great article by Gary Anderson. Very well written, it gives an overview of the different teams and introspects their 2022 approach. For those interested, have an enjoyable read... Cheers Chris
  12. Hi all, Apologies for being late at wishing you all the best for this Festive Season and most certainly for the year to come... Best health wished for 2022 for the whole bunch of you... and that includes the very welcomed newcomers of course... Cheers Chris
  13. Hi Dirk, Apologies but I missed out for a few weeks. Hope you will both be fully recovered soon now. The AMOTY Trophy is the very 'least' you can be awarded with your dedication and skills... Cheers Chris
  14. A bit of a farcical end of the season for sure, but that 's nearly 'history' already... ... some rules & procedures need to be corrected/amended by the FIA of course. But maybe this is just 'wishful hoping'. Congrats to John S for 'overflying' this year's Fantasy league and to Tony Clark for completing the podium... and, of course, a big 'many thanks' to John P for his superb admin job during the season. For those interested, here's my team 2021. Just like John S, no changes at all during the championship > Max - Gasly - Giovinazzi Red Bull - McLaren - Alpha Tauri Hope to see you all - and hopefully even more participants - in 2022... Enjoy the upcoming festivities Chris
  15. Well done to Pete, JohnP and Stu... ? What a chaotic 'thing' this was... was it a race? ... ? I'm afraid more 'bangers' to expect at Yas Marina... See you all there Cheers Chris
  16. ... I had the opportunity to admire Dirk's work 'live' in his workshop, but I'm still blown away by his skills and dedication... absolutely extraordinary... Am I the only one with a burning desire to see those fuse halves getting together now? ... Cheers Chris
  17. Thanx John P. ? ... and congrats to Igor, John (again...) & Glenn. ... sjeesh... a lot more points lost this time... ? See you all in SA Chris
  18. Thanks John P. ? Lousy predictions again on this side as well, John S... and even my team didn't achieve a great job... ? ... sjeesh... one more point lost again... ? See you all in Qatar Chris
  19. ... Yep, I did, John... ... but that was pure luck, I guess... Chris
  20. Really well done, Tony & thanks again, John P. This time my predictions were finally at a more acceptable level, but no worries John S, this is just a one off... ? Cheers Chris
  21. Hi Dirk, Still avidly following your blog here in Zaventem. I'm even more amazed as I saw the results of your courage & tenacity 'in real life' in St Niklaas very recently... Thanks again also with your help regarding my 'old' car. ? Keep on the magnificent job, young man. Cheers Chris
  22. I have no clue, John. But the Fantasy site is showing the same result as John P indicated re your US score > 169 pts. Obviously there is something wrong with the Fantasy scores at the moment. Probably they 're working on it and could be the reason why it's still 'closed'. Time will tell, I guess... Cheers Chris
  23. I equally love "when Honda does well", John. Only 3 predictions on this side of the Channel... On a side note, points for the US GP has been 'modified' (John P will be happy, for sure...) My predictions included a 'one SC' but this counted as zero points. I thought, following the regs, a 'virtual SC' would result in a SC count. Now this has been corrected as the right answer is now '1 SC', but I only gained 2 points on the renewed listing instead of the10 pts for my correct prediction... strange... I think Adam, the founder has a few bugs in his databases... the site is still 'red/blocked' in time of writing, so let's be patient... Cheers Chris
  24. Hi to all, Well, each time I feel I managed an acceptable result, John S even scores better. At a lot of occasions - if not every time - this season. I come to think that our respective teams must be quite 'similar' - ie a few of our cars and/or drivers must be common - but then he 's a lot better with his predictions... I guess I will end as a genuine 'Poulidor' or John's 'support act' as Charles P calls it... Cheers & see you in Mexico Chris
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