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  1. Wow, nothing??? @GrumpyGnome, with reference to your Heroes post, this could be the first ever BAD Chris Foss design. ?
  2. Anyone still flying a mini wot 4 are they all in storage or bins now? Want to revitalise mine and start flying it again maybe with upgrades so looking for any more up to date experience please. Thanks
  3. RCM&E is the only paper reading material I engage with. Reading it normally involves a cuppa and a comfy chair preferably outside in the sun. If it went digital only I doubt I would bother reading it.
  4. I have a large bottle of aliphatic glue that I need to decant into more useable smaller bottle. Anyone got any links to a decent bottle they have good experiences with please? Thanks
  5. I have a a couple of old 2 stroke engines which I would like to clean up and get them somewhat closer to looking new again. How does everyone go about this please. I have seen some ideas that simply say stick them in a pan of boiling water but I cant believe it is that easy otherwise I am sure many more of us would have shiny engines on the front of our planes? Thanks
  6. Thanks John. This one is purely a fun (easy, quick and cheap) build in a design that I like the look of so will be happy to fly this without the need for it to tear through the clouds. With that in mind, I think your suggestion of putting in the 45 is a reasonable one and most likely my starting point. Thank you
  7. I decided that I didn't have enough projects on the go ? so have started to put together my recently acquired (Thanks Jonathan M) Galaxy Models Musketeer. I want to use a four stroke and subject to them passing the working test, current choices could be..... Saito FA45 Saito FA-50 Enya 40-4c Open Rocker (not enough I assume?) ASP 52 (currently planed for Acrowot) Any thoughts and experiences as to my best option? Thanks
  8. Thanks Keith but I was too late for it.
  9. Must be working and also sensibly priced! Thank you
  10. Thanks guys. I think that I may as well invest some time in getting the engine plumbed in and flown. But, I will still look out for something slightly larger to install when I find it. (please let me know if anyone has something like a 65 or 70 four stroke they want to sell ? ). Thanks
  11. I picked up a second hand acrowot some time ago with an unknown four stoke fitted. Upon inspection it was an ASP 52, which looks like it was only fitted to teh front to sell teh plane and never flown with it (control rod not linked to throttle). So, question is will the plane fly ok with it installed as I don't have anything larger? Thanks
  12. I have a cameo 3 that I bought as a bundle form MDP supplies (really good service).... MDP Supplies Cameo 4 It came with everything I needed (cutting mat, auto blade, squeegie, transfer tape, etc) and I got 20 or so sheets of normal vinyl and a smaller selection of heat transfer vinyl. The latter I have used on T-shirts etc with the kids. The latter for loads of different things. I also run solatrim through it. I use cutting mat a lot but not all the time. Role of transfer tape is essential. I only have the free software but it does everything I need including creating outlines from JPEGS.
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