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  1. I justified the cost to myself by the build being a large part of the fun. It was not until later that I realised I had made a very robust model that would stand lots of abuse and last a lot longer than an ARTF. Steve
  2. I took that to be old, outdated information which was true when the UK warehouse was open. They have confirmed to me that they don't include VAT at checkout and the courier will collect it and forward it to HMRC upon delivery. See here- This is the way HK Global have always worked, nothing has changed. Steve PS any progress with The OHmen?
  3. Castor is a very old debate, here is one from 2007. There's a lot of good information in there. What I found most interesting was that old engines would tolerate castor, but modern engines built with finer tolerances needed synthetic. My understanding from Andy Green's topic is that all engines will run on synthetic and modern engines could have problems with castor. Nice to read a reasoned debate. Steve
  4. It was the sound that grabbed my attention, it was obviously a twin but unique to my ears. It was well past my house by the time I caught it on flightradar24. It is rare, there are only five or six airworthy examples of all types, so that could be the only Gemini 1A flying. Steve
  5. Just checked and Wholesale accounts do exist. Cross that one off.
  6. I'm thinking this is a scam. HK only email club officials is worrying as I don't remember anything on the HK site where club status was recorded. Then they are offering a bargain not available to others, be quick and send us your money before the offer expires, comes to mind. I have never heard of Hobby King Wholesale before. Steve
  7. @Peter Millerwould be the best person to answer this question and he will now get a notification because of the (@Peter Miller). Just to let you know how the forum works. Welcome to the forum BTW. Steve
  8. A black cheat line is a good idea. Solite Black is on the way. I have covered the second wing but this time I only pulled the backing off halfway which did help, more practice required though. Steve
  9. Both tips are now done in red and started on the yellow. Some unexplained reflections which could be me, it does look better than that, trust me. A couple of issues have come up with the Solite, one is obviously the colour showing through on the lapped joins and the other is that once the backing sheet is removed from the larger pieces it behaves like cling film. Given time I will come up with solutions. Steve
  10. Anyone wants to build it? Miles M.65 Gemini (71.5") - Sarik Hobbies - for the Model Builder Tempting. Steve
  11. Yes it's rare built 1947 and powered by two Blackburn Cirrus Minor II Engines flying out of Breighton Airfield, East Yorkshire I assume, all the best things come from Yorkshire, so I have been told on many occasions.
  12. It will not stick so I use Cover Grip. Cover Grip – deluxematerials.com Steve
  13. I can answer that one as I have tried Marble Worktops and can assure you that they only work with plasterboard laid on top.
  14. It didn't last long but was quickly replaced by worktops add. Steve
  15. Thanks Ron, I was using the wing tip as a test, and it looks fine. The Cover Grip works on the rib undersides as there was no sign of the covering pulling away, I stuck the covering to the ribs first, along the centre line then towards the LE and TE using the tip of the iron, before shrinking between the ribs. Buoyed up with confidence I will continue in a more confident manner. Steve
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