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  1. Ha........I had a switch fail in mid air yesterday thankfully with very little damage I didn't hit anything just a gentle roll in very long grass in the next field.- I suppose its always good to practice Dead Stick situations. I can only assume that the switch failed whilst turning it on.
  2. Just had my maiden flight with this exact same combination and it flys a treat on an old club hack Boomer converted from IC
  3. Hi, This is an old post but if you are still reading - did this set up work well got an old boomerang which owes me nothing and was thinking of this motor in an elec/4s conversion - can you remember prop size and esc size by any chance. J
  4. No white cap on mine the black rubber valve is on the inside face of the wheel and the inflator just pushes through the middle - BUT as others have said don't be tempted to over inflate
  5. Just giving this a bump - its a good deal 20% off
  6. NOW REDUCED £85 plus £10 postage
  7. As new boxed and unused The picture has the detail including the invoice This was bought for a project which never got off the ground! The mount only was fixed in a plane hence it has a couple of minor marks but the motor/esc was never fitted and is truly as new. £42.50 posted - PayPal F&F preferred
  8. Bought for a project build but sadly it is physically too big Bought from the original owner who was a retired club member selling up not run by me but if I hadn't been comfortable with its pedigree I wouldn't have bought it. Hand turning compression is excellent and it feels smooth and the condition is VERY good see photos - believed to have been recently serviced at a reputable specialist. Instructions and generic box priced to reflect sold as seen £95 plus £10 postage - paypal please
  9. New JE starter arrived and VERY pleased - just the job ergonomically much better than the Sullivan for my hands and a nice light touch switch - thanks to all (incl Just Engines) for your help J
  10. Old Sullivan now sold so new JE (the smaller version) now ordered Thanks for all your help guys. J
  11. Glad to have started what seems to be a useful topic but its done its job for me so I won't be reviewing future posts many thanks guys - really helpful
  12. So given all of the above it seems that the JE is probably the best choice for me - thanks all. I was only pushing as I know of an Align as new on sale for £50 and it won't hang around for that but if its for hellis then that explains its switch layout Thanks to everyone. J
  13. Sorry your "nope" is not quite clear (to me) are you "promoting" the Align or the JE in your single handed comment (Pauls link seems to be the JE) Thanks
  14. OK - thanks all for your enthusiastic comments it really is appreciated. I will have to wait to try one as the two styles of switch will affect my choice - if the JE finger grip is a "light" switch and nothing like the Sullivan I think that will suit me better as my thumb is where the dreaded arthritis sits! Cheers J Anyone want a very little used Sullivan??? £25 plus postage 🙂 nothing wrong with it if you are fit enough to use it.
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