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  1. Glad to have started what seems to be a useful topic but its done its job for me so I won't be reviewing future posts many thanks guys - really helpful
  2. So given all of the above it seems that the JE is probably the best choice for me - thanks all. I was only pushing as I know of an Align as new on sale for £50 and it won't hang around for that but if its for hellis then that explains its switch layout Thanks to everyone. J
  3. Sorry your "nope" is not quite clear (to me) are you "promoting" the Align or the JE in your single handed comment (Pauls link seems to be the JE) Thanks
  4. OK - thanks all for your enthusiastic comments it really is appreciated. I will have to wait to try one as the two styles of switch will affect my choice - if the JE finger grip is a "light" switch and nothing like the Sullivan I think that will suit me better as my thumb is where the dreaded arthritis sits! Cheers J Anyone want a very little used Sullivan??? £25 plus postage 🙂 nothing wrong with it if you are fit enough to use it.
  5. Sorry but where is the switch/button?? Thanks J
  6. The Leeds one looks good for true single handed operation - anyone disagree
  7. Where is the start button/switch? I want it to work for easy single handed operation Found an Align on sale but the button seems to be behind the hand so 2 hands needed??
  8. Thanks all........ TT- F54s and OS FS-40S pref using 3s/4s lipo as power source
  9. Hi, I am increasingly finding the "standard" Sullivan Hi-Tork starter type very difficult to use with an arthritic thumb/hand There are others about but what do those of you "of a certain age" recommend - I appreciate lightweight will mean lower performance but its more ease of use in not having to grasp a heavy lump of metal and simultaneously push/find a button whilst hanging on to a prized hand built model which is the issue - ie the general ergonomics Any suggestions based on actual experiences would be much appreciated J
  10. The X-fly Tasman 1500 bush trainer gets my vote, if your budget can stretch to it, but a good club and a good patient instructor(s) are the most important considerations - I'm very lucky to have both - this really is the most important factor to achieving success. Have fun J
  11. Hi, I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf...as part of providing more info could you clarify the measurements please particularly the length - thanks Also your expectations 🙂 Thanks - have a good week......... J
  12. I cant seem to edit this post again - perhaps I'm too quick. It seems the current 50 isn't going to work as its an upscaled version so does anyone know of a generic cowl that might work - engine bulkhead is app 3" wide and 3.5" high the projection is app 3.5" I have got the original but I have messed with it too much due to inexperience in trying to fit an elec conversion which I fitted to the bulkhead and cut the cowl rather than as I now realise fitting it to a projecting cradle not altering the cowl as much :(( Happy to be learning........... J
  13. Anyone got or know how I can get a cowl for my recently acquired but old and unflown Capiche 140 ?????????? or Is the current 50 version the same cowl - I am a newcomer so I simply don't know. Thanks
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