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  1. this is my dads rc harmon rocket that he is now giving up as hasnt follown in years i just wanted to share photos as always though it looked amazing its got a huge sc61 2 stroke engine in it i thick iirc they where recomend 46 but dad likes to chase speed a little bit we had to reforce the elivator and vertical stab and rudder and these used to snapped tails if you didnt
  2. so ive just bought my self an sonic model ar classic wing im gonna get into the delta wing flying and run a runcam setup on my mobile as a screen so i can maybe get some recoding in
  3. thank you all so much for your help im gonna be looking into baleros as there basically the same planes with slats on the wings but yeah i get theyed not be in best conmdtion i know some dude put a 53 os in his and it would always land to hard . was glad i had my 46 race engine in as was light and quick enough. even managed to find a pic of my one
  4. only issue with that one is its very very far away from me im based in Newcastle so its probbly 300 miles just to go get it
  5. Hi guys me again . ive been searching hi and low and i just cant find a one anywhere does any one know of a ripmax bossanova that would be for sale in good condition they stopped making them years ago and its an utter shame its one of my biggest regretts as i put so much flying hours in on one and im just having one of the nostalgic moments of i would love another full size bossanova. thanks in advance for any one who can help in my search
  6. unfrotneley i dont think it does i even had it on the lowest mode as its got 3 different levels for the extent it will do
  7. Not with this one it came with a cheap as transmitter
  8. aye yeah he continues to fly but has his little dji drone was speaking with him a few days back and hes gonna gift me his sky king glider aswell but im thinking with the limbo i might just leave it nitro as electric is gonna be a big job to convert to electric
  9. i feel like the engine i ran had exhaust that kept everything out the way so shouldnt be oli soaked and the plane was always wiped down after every flight
  10. very very long time back my dad aka hughie taught me to fly and i rember you gifted me this and a delta wing glider which i also still have
  11. the last toy i bought a f22 banana hobby rc jet and it scares there ever living daylights out to me to fly because its just so twitchy and fast
  12. so i found an old pic of my limbo dancer chilling out in the loft spoke with my parents and im going over theres one weekend and im gonna grab it and bring it home as far as i know it is current outfitted with an engine and running gear but gonna be looking to get new radio gear as still running an old 35mhz radio and would like the new 24ghz gear but yeah hears kennys old limbo dancer that i was gifted
  13. its deffinatly an rca 40 i will grab pics when im next at the parents weird little looking engine. back in the day my used to fly a seagul models harmon rocket 3 which he had outfitted with a mds 58 and then we switched over to a sc61 sport motor. im going to enquire about his powered glider and i might like to do some slop soring of sorts.
  14. Hi guys thanks for the many warm welcomes ill defo see if i can grab kens attention and let him know his old limbo dancer certainly lives to this day . i believe i may even have a delta wing glider that he passed down to me and my dad years ago aswell.
  15. Hey guys names davy im from the north east newcastle area as a young lad my dad used to take me flying down the Blyth flying field. its been many years since last flying and watch one of the many youtube channels i follow as peaked my intrest in the hobby again was looking to maybe go the electric route and pic up a stol plane like a tundra v2 or something of this nature. That being said when i was a young teen a nice old friend of my dads by the name of kenny anderson gifted me what is probably the best plane i have ever flown for fun its an old ripmax limbo dancer that i still own to this day iirc i fitted it out with a 2 stroke 40 engine a russian brand called r.c.a i was maybe looking to convert this to electric for convivence. it would be a great help if any one knows of some one whos done this or has information of how to do this. but for now i may just pull it out the loft apply for bmfa and re apply to bvrmc if its still going and just get up in the air to see if its like riding a bike . my other option would be my piper cub but with its huge wingspan i dont see that fitting in the car and im quite hounastly to afraid to fly my f22 edf as its just soo twitchy and fast pluss that been laying dormant for a long while also
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