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  1. A paper aeroplane has no aerofoil yet it flies ok. Most foamboard plane also do not have a aerofoil. So yes a flat surface can generate lift , however it is not very efficient. If the airspeed is too slow will not work and if too fast also will not work. Autogyros tend to only go slow so is ok. So do not sand those blades they will be fine. Steve.
  2. My last meeting with Alex Was April this year at Rochdale Indoor flying meeting. He will be missed by so many.
  3. Hello , My Lidl Gull wing design. I so wanted to do a build and flying video but Life and things have put a stop to that So here is the 1st test flight. Enjoy. Steve.
  4. Only just come across this very sad news of Alex passing. I used to see Alex regular at Rochdale indoor flying meetings. Found him to be a very nice man to chat too and get along with. This is so sad. I have many videos of him Pointing his camera at to many models buzzing around him. He was so enthusiastic. Here is just one of those times he would get amongst the models. So sad, my condolences go to his family and all those that knew him closy. Steve
  5. Hi Chris, I thought it was about time I did a updated video of my Fantrainer. So I decided I would setup a tripod and have a fixed camera positioned at the end of the landing patch. I spent a long time looking for the transmitter for that model as it had the setting saved for the Fantrainer and a converter plug to change from Deans plug to XT60 plug. Only problem after getting to the field and setting up the Tripod I could not find my camera yep left it at home. So one of the guys at our club offered to use my phone to film it. Only problem he said it was too fast to film. Having watched the video back now I understand. Watched your video. Yep not securing the hatch is a sure way to kill the model. Steve.
  6. It was very hot and sunny today I flew my Gyroo and my HobbyKing TL2000 which flies very well. I also gave my Fantrainer a outing. Also flies very well and Fast. Steve.
  7. Looks great flies great what more could one ask. Steve
  8. Here I am chucking this one around the skies one late evening after work what better way to unload the stress of the day. Steve
  9. I built mine from scratch it is not that difficult, Go for it. You will enjoy it. Steve
  10. Weather here in Manchester has been pants best I could manage is to grab an hour late evening to do a test flight of to SOAS Glider I built for a Friend. Steve.
  11. Looking very nice ?? I see you got your parts laser cut. Steve
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