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  1. They look great Mike, I was thinking of building something like that, You have beaten me to it, have you any details you could share with us as I fancy building one. I take it the blades do not flap ? Steve
  2. I think you will find that most Rc Autogyros blades go Anticlockwise due to the motor torque. Steve
  3. The blades would spin clockwise and NOT anticlockwise if you follow the drawing. steve.
  4. Here is a video I took on Sunday. Managed to take off from the ground now that I added a foam tail wheel. Steve.
  5. Been a bit grim here but I did give my Gyroo a quick blast before the rain came down again. Bad video due to bad weather . Steve,
  6. Oh I thought it was already published. 🤔 Steve.
  7. Here in blity it a bit wet n windy to say the least. Steve. 😩
  8. Yes, all looks good for the test flight, Hop Steve 🤞
  9. How do you like my Shinny Boots. Steve.
  10. Stephen Jones

    Gyroo 2

    Richard Harris New AutoGyro Gyroo 2
  11. Hi , Mine is now Complete and ready for its maiden. I used foam to make up my Spats I may paint or try covering them later. I did not have a long length of wire to reach the rudder so decided to do this instead as it also keeps the push wire neat and secure along the boom This is where I put my Receiver to keep it away from the Esc and position the antenna at 90 degrees also away from the Esc. Maiden soon I hope. Steve
  12. So this is where I am now. I have opted for a heavier battery a 2550 3s 40c why not have a little longer flight time. So I have the blades to finish off and balance, Push rod for the Rudder and Spats to fit. Steve.
  13. Hi, Me here again, as the weather here in Manchester had stopped raining this allowed me to get outside and do some sanding. So motor mount sanded. Check .👍 Spats sanded. Check 👍 Blades sanded. Check 👍
  14. Yes, I had the same email, Thought it was something I had not done correctly also check my portal. I need to login again to see if anything has changed. Steve
  15. Hi Richard, I have been wait for the weather to be nice enough for me to go outside and do some sanding. Blades and motor mount, hopefully tomorrow will get some sanding done. I notice the other builder have used closed loop for the Rudder and added extra weight to the nose. Looks like you are just using a push rod for your Rudder is that right. And did you add weight to your nose. ? Steve (Number 1) 😁
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