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  1. Nope stop you leaving when you see the entry prices for repetitive Chinese build rtf 3m extra hovering planes and little else
  2. Nice one Outrunner and as Rich said .. no substitute for air time. Mantis is also a great model .. not too much to it so it does not take kindly to ‘arrivals’ good luck with the flights and keep all posted steve
  3. Where is your vertical cog ref the engine thrust line . Hopefully just below .. also are you running blade tip weights ?? steve
  4. Servos corona 238 mg, motor 1000kv running 10x6e prop
  5. As Rich says 40mm is quite a bit.. I have added weight at the top of the head to move the effective COG up.. did reduce the power vs pitch effect... As you cant lower the motor, maybe try filling the top shroud with lead and see what it does to the COG height compared to thrust line. Seems an odd thing to do but of the distances and forces are not right.. the model is an accident waiting to happen and would be such a shame to damage such a great build effort. Steve
  6. Enjoy the next free plan all . 4s is fast and I think it would even go on 3S .... Steve
  7. Sorry to ask the basics again.. where are my picture albums and photos now ?? looked on profile etc and not a scooby doooo Steve
  8. Looks great and take it easy and dont try and force the take off too early - Enjoy Steve
  9. A mistake in the build but does not affect the flying and take off/landings.. The model is great but quiet lightly loaded witht he blade size.. one the wind gets up its too much... Good looking model not difficult to build Steve
  10. Oh God . You changed something we all knew and worked well .. welcome to the future where we can’t find anything or are lost .. progress and at least it will be quiet for a while
  11. Jussi, mine flew with the double plates from the start .. but was sensitive to pitch in flight.. adding the tip weights as only change ..fixed the problem Steve
  12. Looking at video and considering my 2 Revolvers which fly well ... I would suggest adding 5g at the tip of the blades and your head plate needs to be stiffer. my head plate is 1.2mm which is a 0.8mm and a 0.4mm . Not glued just added together Steve
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