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4 - Max ESC brake.

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I've been trying to activate the brake on a 4-Max 30amp ESC I bought recently. I have a white 4-Max Progcard, not that old, but after contacting George Worley at 4-Max, I've discovered that my Progcard only works with the older 4M - ESC's not the newer 4M - HESC's. Apparently his supplier wanted to increase the price of the ESC's some 30%, so George found another supplier, hence the older Progcards don't work. The newer cards are mainly black so as not to confuse the two. 

In all fairness, he's trying to be helpful, but the information sheet he's now emailed me is in Chinglish and hard to follow and I still haven't managed to activate the Brake. After 5 minutes of it, I've got beeps going round in my head. 

Short of buying another Progcard, can anyone help? 

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Didn't realise that the range of 4-Max ESCs had changed, I have a few of the older ones that use the white programming card and they are very good. I see that the BEC rating for the 30A ESC has dropped from 4 amps to 2 amps in the latest version which is a retrograde step. Had to buy elsewhere because of that.

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