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Fpv Wing Racing League 2024

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Why should the drone racers have all the fun 😉🙃😉


For three years now we ve been running Fpv Wing Racing and Funfly weekends with the help and support of a few friendly local BMFA clubs in South wales and the midlands 

Rolling out our big inflatable race gate, course flags and enough leds to light the night the weekenders have been enjoyed by the pilots and clubs alike enjoying a good dose of adrenaline and pilots to bump up their flyins and open days and weekends 

If anyone fancies a nose at fpv Wing Racing pop over to our Facebook page at 




or our website at 




We re organising a few race weekenders ready for this summer with our first kicking off at South Wales Valley Flyers in May 


With the sport still in its infancy and not requiring a specialist all out race model to compete the events are catching the intrest of pilots of all capabilities from some of the top uk drone racers eager to try a new discipline to club fpv pilots and all in between. 

Our races are open to any epp wing up to 40 inches and up to 4s in a pusher configuration (purely to prolong the life of our inflatables) and with a motor up to 2300kv.

Running your usual 5.8ghz fpv gear and capable of transmitting at 25mhz, we be even been working on introducing dji fpv and walksnail heats new for 2024 


All our events are streamed and timed so you can keep up with all the fun and shenanigans on our website through the live feeds on the day. 


























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