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A use for strimmer line

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Not so much as a money saver as a time saver.

Recently after a heavy ish (clumsy!) landing the tail on my Rex glider came adrift and snapped the inner part of the control snake, which was a SLEC lightweight, the one with a yellow outer and a white inner. I didn't have a spare long enough so as it was a straight run I just substituted a length of thin piano wire a bit stiff but as it was straight no problem.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and this morning I was replacing the strimmer line on my electric strimmer, when finished I replaced it in the garage where it lives near my models and spied the old bit of snake lying on a work table and I suddenly wondered if the strimmer line would fit and work on the SLEC outer......well it does.



This is what I used 1.6mm, bought on E Bay as i was too lazy to go to the garden centre





Fits in the yellow outer and slides with no resistance




A bit curley but when warm does tease straight, it needs to be cut with a sharp blade rather than side cutters.


These snakes are quite expensive someone on e bay wanted £10 ish posted for a SLEC, now there are no model shops left I cant pop down the road and pick one up.

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For commercial alternatives, Dubro Lazer Rods are still "reasonably priced", and are as good as the Sullivan fluted snakes (which are now silly money).


The SLEC fluted blue/yellow ones are nearly as good but seem to have a slightly 'looser' fit by comparison, but still perfectly good for straight control runs.


No connection beyond happy customer, etc.

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