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  1. Looks great Pete - lovely job! Yes Ive flown mine in much more wind that that, they do need a bit of wind to get going, not quite the floater we had initially hoped but excellent fun as you've seen. Have fun!
  2. Sounds like the YT International 120 Spitfire to me, I think thats a Mk14 - that is not a common piece of nose art, but it was fitted to the YT model, which also had a f/g fus.
  3. A gaggle of JP150s at the Orme a little earlier this season... 🙂
  4. My Yugo F-86 flew last at the Bwlch in August, perfect conditions for it with a 25mph wind bang onto Mickeys slope, and some glorious blue skies to explore - it was in its element! Some photos taken on my camera by Bob Jennings, Steve McLaren and Dave Worron, thanks chaps!
  5. Phil you've done an amazing job with that, great painting and detailing, superb stuff!
  6. WHITE HORSE PSSA EVENT 9th/10th September CANCELLED due to High Pressure system with resultant low wind speeds of varying direction. https://www.pssaonline.co.uk/2023/09/06/white-horse-pssa-event-cancelled/
  7. No dont worry about that, you'll find the glass and resin will take all the compound curves just fine, its sharp 90deg corners it doesnt like, you have to use panels and patches then.
  8. some complex shapes there Phil! Great building!
  9. A superb result Dirk, was never in doubt - truly a masterpiece and I cant wait to see it painted and detailed!
  10. great update Phil, excellent - those wing fairings and your wing retention method both look the business!
  11. Lovely work Phil, as Mike said, very neat work! Impressive for your first balsa bash!
  12. Just a quick round up from our PSSA Dambusters 80th Anniversary meet held last weekend at The Great Orme. Sadly the high pressure forecast led to light North Easterly winds and we spent two days up above the pier in glorious conditions but for the winds needed to fly our heavier PSS models, including the Lancasters... that said we did fly Chris Collis's Lanc on Saturday afternoon when the wind speed peaked I guess 10-12 mph max, Chris' 102" span Lanc was lightly loaded and handled these conditions superbly for a 25 minute tribute flight. A big thanks to all who travelled and took part over both days, we saw 8 different Lancasters present ranging in scale from large to small, including the soon to be released RCM&E pull-out plan from Martin Gay and Gordon Studley. Dambusters themed prizes were awarded to Andy Johnson, Harry Twist and Al Gorham, who took the model of the event award with his superb 617 Sqn Lanc equipped with both Upkeep and Tallboy weapons, and everyone left with a memento can of real ale speciallly brewed for the PSSA again with a Dambusters theme. Of course we flew all weekend with the lighter loaded PSS models and sports/thermal/vintage stuff, making the most of the conditions as we always do.
  13. Some important info regarding this weekends PSSA Fly in at Llandudno - wind direction is dictating we use the NE slope above the pier meaning a revised parking location for all visitors. More below; https://www.pssaonline.co.uk/2023/05/19/may-20th-21st-dambusters-fly-in-to-take-place-from-north-east-slope-above-the-pier/
  14. A few more flying shots taken over the years - I still enjoy flying the little Skyhawk when the winds are up - great fun!
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