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  1. https://stevewebb.co.uk/index.php?pid=ZAPPOXYPT38&area=GLUE std 8 fl oz bottle. just saying. £25 is nothing for a good full days entertainment these days.
  2. Personally, for the Saturday in particular when you have the night show option combined with a full day of orchestrated model flying - including full size participants! - you really can't grumble at £25 surely. It costs me more than that to go to watch Derby County with my lad these days, thats just a couple of hours of entertainment when they win, or frustration when they dont. £25 is also the price of a tube of half decent 5 minute epoxy these days... come on gents!
  3. It will ALL be worth it Dirk! ... your paint finish in the PSS world is second to none - everybody looks to that finish as the standard to which we all aspire to achieve, so keep on sanding!! You will look back and laugh at this in weeks to come as you see your own reflection in the surface of the finished model pre-take-off!!
  4. Congrats again on your successful maiden flight Phil, it looked excellent from what I saw through the camera lens, glad you got it home safe despite the orientation moment. Look forward to seeing the model trimmed and balanced again in May!
  5. Some photos just edited from our first PSSA event of 2024 this weekend (13/14th April) upon The Great Orme, Llandudno. High strength SW winds resulted in a lot of good flying over the two days and a big attendance as always after the Winter break. Link embedded in the image.
  6. superb set up for painting you have there Dirk, very impressive!
  7. so sorry and shocked to hear this very sad news, Chris was a superb model builder, a great character and a fantastic forum member. RIP Chris.
  8. Not our first event of the year, but our second event in May 2024, and a special 'focus' around the D-Day 80th Anniversary. The following text (and superb event logo designed by our very own Bob Jennings) will be included in RCM&E 'Switch On' shortly. PSSA D-Day 80th Anniversary Event As part of the Great Orme ‘Fly for Fun’ meeting on 18th/19th May 2024 the Power Scale Soaring Association are planning to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landing operation by bringing together as many PSS models adorned with the black and white D-Day stripe markings as they can muster. There’s no competitive element to the event, there will be a dedicated static area enabling all the allied invasion aircraft to be viewed up close together with group photos and dedicated ‘D-Day’ flying slots being run both days should the conditions allow. The PSSA are keen to maximise the number of models taking part - If you have a PSS model of an aircraft associated with the D-Day theatre and marked up with the famous black and white stripes then please do come and join us at The Great Orme, it should be quite a spectacle! Full event details below, For more information contact Phil Cooke on 07772 224719 email [email protected] or go to www.pssaonline.co.uk/about-us/events/ 18th / 19th May 2024 PSSA ‘Fly for Fun’ and D-Day event – The Great Orme, Llandudno, North Wales Meet at the 'Tank Track' car park off Marine Drive for pilots brief 10am each day. Proof of BMFA (or equivalent) Insurance and Pilot Competency certificate required. All models to be fitted with compliant CAA OpID number.
  9. Evening all, Posting on behalf of Phil Stevens, club secretary at the Guisborough MFC who's selling a pair of Own Design models built and flown by the late Bill Glen. All proceeds from the sales to go to the model club. Sensible offers accepted (Phil is not sure of the models value) The models are still in Bill’s home in Marske by the Sea, Teesside and they would have to be collected. Phil Stevens is the point of contact - if interested in either model please email Phil at [email protected] and make him a sensible offer. many thanks. 1. PSS A-10 Tankbuster. 48" span, scratch built designed by Bill Glen. AUW 2.4lbs loading ~15oz/sq ft. Good flyer. Wheel housings, engine pods and tailplane all removable for transport. 2. Eagle glider Needs a bit of work but very repairable - could be converted to electric assist.
  10. Hi all, Having completed the work with local councils and club commitees pre-Christmas the PSSA is happy to announce its plans for flying events between April and October 2024. More details on the PSSA website, our Facebook page and in the modelflying site Events calendar. The Great Orme event in May will include an 80th Anniversary D-Day commemoration theme with a collection of models from the period all adorned with the Allied invasion stripes. We will set up a static display area for all these models to be viewed together and we'll run a couple of dedication D-Day flying slots if the weather allows each day. If you have a PSS model from the era with the Invasion Stripes fitted do please bring it to this event to help us commemorate the 80th Anniversary of this milestone event. More details for all the events here (including PSS events not hosted by the PSSA) - https://www.pssaonline.co.uk/about-us/events/
  11. Hey Chris, Been a long while since there has been any update on this fine thread - has the Sabre Dog moved on any since your last post? Hope all is well.
  12. ingenious servo mounting method Dirk, you are clearly handy with the drill and file! Impressive!
  13. Looks great Pete - lovely job! Yes Ive flown mine in much more wind that that, they do need a bit of wind to get going, not quite the floater we had initially hoped but excellent fun as you've seen. Have fun!
  14. Sounds like the YT International 120 Spitfire to me, I think thats a Mk14 - that is not a common piece of nose art, but it was fitted to the YT model, which also had a f/g fus.
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