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  1. **LINK** it just gets better   Edited By Phil 9 on 29/12/2018 16:25:46
  2. Posted by cymaz on 23/12/2018 13:51:29: Couple of things on this..   Anybody watched the Navy series about HMS DUNCAN on Channel 5? Apparently this ship can track a tennis ball sized object at great speed from 5 miles or so........so why didn’t the military track this object and follow it to home ? ship radar is designed for a very specific use. ie it tracks inbound threats and the information is passed to a gun that destroys the object. it has been used to protect land sites but I doubt it is a suitable system for a civilian airport in a highly populated area. Edited By Phil 9 on 23/12/2018 15:27:21
  3. I am not condoning the actions of the press here but highlighting a point that could affect many. Most of the information about the couple released by the press came from the couples own facebook page. This is already in the public domain and can be used and shared by anyone at anytime and for any purpose. Be wary of what you put in social media as you can not control it use.
  4. Posted by Peter Christy on 20/12/2018 09:33:09: Looking at the issue in a slightly wider context, this clearly illustrates a fundamental problem with the coming drone legislation: It isn't worth diddly squat unless it can be enforced! Enforcement means boots on the ground, and that in turn costs money. Until now, we've heard a lot about the law, but very little about enforcement. Will incidents like this change things? -- Pete   flying over an airport without clearance is already illegal. the problem is laws only affect the law abiding Edited By Phil 9 on 20/12/2018 13:12:32
  5. I went through this with my son. RC cars can be tricky they seem to come in only two forms. cheap toy or expensive (and complicated) hobby cars with not much in-between . the proportional car controllers will be a little big for a six year olds hands **LINK** not proportional but a fun starter suitable for a six year old after that you are into hobby cars **LINK**
  6. Posted by supertigrefan on 10/12/2018 19:39:02: A blatant breach of the trades description act for (mis)using the adjective "Sexy" in it's description surely? f:0">https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Womens-Sexy-Pilot-Remove-Before-Flight-Red-Hot-Pants-Shorts-Tank-Top/283296474984?hash=item41f5c92768:g:t1AAAOSwX8dbqB5h:rk:11f:0 I wish I could un-see this
  7. Gliders also have a good online presence and online shop
  8. I decided to build my own workbench and it turned out to be a fun little project. I used 5 2x4 lengths of wood and one 18mm thick sheet of MDF at 4ft x 2ft.. Although I was surprised by how much I spent on screws. I built it quite tall at 42 inches high as I thought this would suit me for working standing, I can also cut the legs if this turned out to be too tall but I am happy with the height. One thing I did not think about properly until after the build was making the top perfectly flat. any twist or high spot in the frame can be transferred to the top surface even when using a relatively thick top as I did. Checking mine after I found it is not perfect however I think it is close enough that I will be able to rectify it by removing the top and sanding the frame to reduce a slight high spot in one corner. My bench is very simple but I think will be sufficient for me as I am not a prolific builder but I did learn a few ideas that maybe useful to others. I spotted on the airfield models website he used a thick sheet of hardened glass as the top surface to produce a perfectly flat building surface. furniture makers us a torsion box design to produce a perfectly flat work surface. I believe this would be a great option for a model building workbench and if I ever need anything better this would be the way to go for me
  9. small used glow engines sell for reasonable low prices. I use both but have noted that buying used glow can be the frugal option. Also when you done with it you can sell it for about the same price you bought it for. selling used electric motors and batteries is more difficult http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Os-Max-La-40-Model-Aircraft-Engine/283285420901?hash=item41f5207b65:g:aKUAAOSwrZBcApn4:rk:1f:0 £25 delivered for an OS 40? Edited By Phil 9 on 04/12/2018 19:25:32
  10. I think spare parts are available and there are tutorials on youtube on how to replace them. it is worth doing a search to find your exact model. that's is probably you best starting point
  11. I had a similar experience with a BMFA classified sale. I was staring to get complicated and I had my suspicions something was not right and I cancelled the sale. I sold the item to someone else with a paypal payment and no problems.99.9% of the time it is a great way to buy and sell modelling items but you still need to be careful.
  12. IC or electric? well I do know smaller models tend to cost less than big ones if budget is you main concern
  13. Posted by Cuban8 on 27/11/2018 12:33:58: I can recommend these f:0 Very sturdy and the drawer is large and of a useful size for odds and ends.. I just added some extra cross brace support under the work surfaces to keep them dead flat. A light could easily be fixed under the top shelf. My building board and jig fit nicely. Had it over a year now - no probs. I had spotted those but I wonder about the quality. Could you please tell me the height of the work surface from the floor
  14. Posted by Steve Colman on 25/11/2018 21:12:56: Wow Cymaz, you did well to manage to fly it without the wings! I know a song about that
  15. Posted by Nigel R on 13/11/2018 13:26:14: It's a bit spendy, bit this table from SLEC is very good, my dad has used one for ages. The average glow flight box is plenty to keep it restrained. edit: good job on the trestle, N50 Edited By Nigel R on 13/11/2018 13:52:16 I had one of these but it did not last. Older versions were made from wood but buy one now and it is all MDF. the MDF can start to peel apart if you are not careful with it
  16. This guy has taken things to the next level
  17. Thanks for the quick replys Posted by Trevor on 12/11/2018 10:36:46: I'd recommend making the bench at a comfortable height to work standing, then buy a stool you can perch on if you wish. More important than the bench itself though, is where you are going to put it. Having access to both sides is a big help when building something that's pinned down. If you can't do that then make sure you use a building board on top of the bench that can be swivelled round to work on the far side of the project. Trevor Trevor I think you are right about standing height. Thinking about my old setup although I sat at the desk I did normally stand to place any part of the model. the ebay option does look good and it will be cheaper than building it myself from scratch. but I though a self build would be a fun project and be more satisfying. Also I can make it to suit my needs such as leaving the top overhanging at the front to allow me to attach my clam on vice.
  18. having been working on an old dressing table that was really too small to be used as a workbench I have decided to attempt to build my own. I am looking for some pointers about the design something simple is all I need and the design above would be relatively easy to build but I have one major concern. the lower shelf adds rigidity and strength as well as providing a handy storage space but will it make it uncomfortable to sit at the bench with a chair. Do I need a chair or is it better to make a bench for working on standing
  19. you could try an official looking sign. It may deter some of the drone operators. I know people who have had success with faux official no parking signs
  20. Phil 9

    Electric Cars.

    Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 12/10/2018 20:55:03: Off topic post deleted - anymore will attract sanctions. I am not messing about here - return to topic. BEB Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 12/10/2018 20:55:59 another of topic post BEB? I think they should have more lighter electric vehicles based more on tricycles than cars Edited By Phil 9 on 12/10/2018 21:02:44
  21. Phil 9

    Electric Cars.

    Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 12/10/2018 16:30:39: Oh look, a duplicate post I have to delete - see Phil I do need to look in, its my job. Percy you realy must try to read the posts more carefully, I'm fully aware of who the OP was and I never said I believed it was your personal thread, even though you may well be the originator of the largest number of posts in it. My comment was in a PS, a separate paragraph, (new subject) and I was using the plural form of "your" meaning all of those who wish to continue this thread. BEB Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 12/10/2018 16:31:45 well I know if anyone else continually kept dragging a thread off topic because they always wanted the last word their post would be deleted
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