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  2. it is actually a esc for a rc car that needed to run a heavy duty servo some cooling fans and lights. I had some problems today with it cutting out but then the servo failed. I am still trying to work things out. It may be the case that the servo started to draw too much current because it was faulty
  3. a battery eliminator circuit I have a esc with a inbuilt bec but the bec can not supply enough power for the accessories I am running so I was looking to buy an external bec. but then I found in my box of bits a 5a 6v lipo regulator. I then I was curious. what is the difference between a regulator and a bec. As far as I can tell they will do the same job but are they the same thing? Edited By Phil 9 on 18/08/2018 20:31:56
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  12. I only ever has great service for modelmarkings.com **LINK**
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  15. to the OP I can recommend a more convenient light for camping **LINK** you can run it from a phone charging pack or even a spare lipo with one of these **LINK**
  16. I had the same issue. I eventually managed to get my money back via a paypal dispute. I will not be using this company again
  17. Posted by supertigrefan on 23/07/2018 16:03:40: Literally "Starting over"? …. Or you just fancy a go at a Non-WOT ARTF? I not staring over as in learning to fly. I don't need a trainer. I just don't have any models
  18. I had one of these engines for about 5 years and I did like it a lot. However the carb is not of the same type found in two stroke petrol's. the design is closer to a glow carb. it does have some pump to help draw the fuel through the carb but I don't believe it to be very strong. The advice to me was to place the tank as if it was a glow engine and following this advice the engine never missed a beat in the time I used it with the only dead stick landings were cased by me running the tank dry. I would try and keep it as close to the fire wall as you can
  19. I find myself modelless. I have a good transmitter a flightbox, battery charger and starter but not much else. I would like to here some recommendations for a new artf and power train. I could go petrol,ep or glow as I'm pretty much starting from scratch so please include that I your recommendation. I would prefer to stay away from the ripmax wot series of model. I like them but I already have had a few in the past so I would like something different. I am a compotent sport flyer with an A cert ​
  20. Posted by PatMc on 22/07/2018 18:31:46: Posted by Gordon Whitehead 1 on 22/07/2018 18:11:03: Posted by PatMc on 22/07/2018 15:40:47: Under 7Kg @ 400ft ceiling : result misery Logic : eludes me. You're the first one here to mention misery No, I'm the just first that's used that word for what's been described on this thread several times.   I used to fly at a club that already had those restrictions (for other reasons) not misery it was still adequate for most sport flyers. and also reduced some other  issues that I have seen other clubs suffer from such as noise Edited By Phil 9 on 22/07/2018 19:32:25
  21. the irony is that clubs will adhere to the new rules but I suspect a large proportion of drone flyers will not
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    Glow Plugs

    modern batteries tend not to fit the voltage levels required. ie lots of things run on 12v but if to use lithium cells of any type you wont be exactly 12v. but it is easy to regulate the output to a constant voltage of your choosing. I see many comments about regulators in models being an extra and unnecessary component that is just another link that can fail. but that is not my philosophy as I have found them ultra reliable
  23. Posted by cymaz on 15/07/2018 09:43:41: After Brexit...do we play in the European Championship? oh please no
  24. Adrian if your 60cc conversion is successful and you are not planning on competition will a 100cc conversion offer you anything more in terms of enjoyment or performance that will justify the price tag and difficulties?
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