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  1. I am looking for some new Servos for my new build SLEC Funfly. I normally go for Hitec servos but have seen Radient servos advertised and they seem to have good specs at a very competitive price. Does anyone out there have experience of these ref reliability etc and general opinion. Many thanks and a Happy New Year to all Low Pass Pete
  2. How about a Seagull Christen Eagle. Mine flew well on an OS 120FS so a Saito 125 would be perfect. Would consider selling my airframe as the engine is now in a Seagull Chipmunk which is also fantastic.
  3. Give them a ring. They do not always put things on their website. Mention my name. Low Pass Pete.😃
  4. My local model shop is Inwoods and they have been able to supply wheels very similar to Flair ones. They are printed hubs with large O Rings for the tyres.
  5. Plans are available from Sarik. Bit of a coincidence as I have had my build on ice for some while but recommenced it this week and made the undercarriage.
  6. Hi there all Has anyone built a Max Thrust Double Trouble. If so what power Plant did you use IC or Electric. I have been given one as a birthday present and I am considering what to fit. The battery bay seems small for a 4S let alone a 5S battery as well as to house the ESC. Any suggestions or advice on this would be appreciated. An OS46 would look to be a simple fit but would require inverted mount. Thanks in advance LPP
  7. Possibly one of the easiest builds around. Great all round model.
  8. Cannot recall but think that I just used the wing brace as guide. Away at the moment but will lookup my plan. Incidently I have upgraded to a nice new OS46. Cracking engine.
  9. Finally got to start. Front fus coming along. Using an E Flite motor EFL8463 880 Kv. Expect to use an 11x6 prop. Motor was in an illfated PT17.
  10. To meet that deadline I would have to resort to a sheet of A4 folded into a chuckie paper dart. ?
  11. Have just added a Topic to Mass Build 2022 Thread. Dawn Flyer for me; Lindsay Todd design that has caught my imagination. ? LPP
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