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  1. Possibly one of the easiest builds around. Great all round model.
  2. Cannot recall but think that I just used the wing brace as guide. Away at the moment but will lookup my plan. Incidently I have upgraded to a nice new OS46. Cracking engine.
  3. Finally got to start. Front fus coming along. Using an E Flite motor EFL8463 880 Kv. Expect to use an 11x6 prop. Motor was in an illfated PT17.
  4. To meet that deadline I would have to resort to a sheet of A4 folded into a chuckie paper dart. ?
  5. Have just added a Topic to Mass Build 2022 Thread. Dawn Flyer for me; Lindsay Todd design that has caught my imagination. ? LPP
  6. Hello everyone Great idea for a Mass Build. I enjoyed building Pete Miller's Ballerina, and Lindsay Todd's Skywriter and Renaissance as part of previous Mass Builds. All still flying. Already had a plan for "Dawn Flyer" to build so why not dedicate the build to this years Mass Build. Will be a first electric build for me. Anyone got a spare set of Flair Vintage wheels they have no use for and would like to sell? Cheers LPP
  7. Never had any problem with using self taper screws for engines up to 55. Above that size I tend to use bolts with stiff-nuts and plain washers either side.
  8. Think about 2in but will check later. Not been a problem at all on our grass strip.
  9. Agree totally on the SLEC Fun Fly. Very easy to build and parts very well cut. Extremely good value for money and with choice of powerplant IC or electric. Good all round model and hack. This one is powered by an older ASP46 and was built in 2020 lockdown. Hardest part... deciding on the colour scheme. LPP
  10. Irvine 53 is not as powerful as an OS55 in my opinion. However would fly an Acrowot OK. Superb on an OS55 mind. Mine will climb out vertical no problem using a 13X6 prop on Contest 10 fuel.
  11. Thanks everyone. I got just what I needed from the RCM&E Digital Archives. All the old build logs look very helpful as well. Joining the 2014 Mass Build albeit a few years late!? Best to all LPP
  12. Does anyone have a copy of the article that was published in the July 2013 RCM & E for the Dawn Flyer. I am looking at a build and it would be useful to have a copy of the article. Thanks in advance LPP
  13. Ouch indeed Peter. What I will do is to copy the plan on my printer/copier and do as you suggest. Like the idea of the 3M spray mount.
  14. I contacted SLEC and they can do the ribs etc but maybe a bit pricey (there are 11 different rib shapes at £4 per rib and wood cost on top). Not started yet so maybe have a think on cutting ribs old style. Not done that for a long while!
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