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  1. I did send an emai to Steve Webb but thought I'd check on here too in case anyone had something suitable. If no joy I will try making up/adapting some parts to suit.
  2. Anyone have a working Enya twin-needle carb for a .45 engine available for sale? I am looking for one with 7.5mm bore and 13mm diameter crankcase mounting. It is to fit to an Enya 45CX engine, though the same carb is used on various 40-50 size Enya engines. (Though not all have the same mounting dimensions) I don't mind if it is the angled safety needle version on the standard in-line needle type. Thanks for looking.
  3. Maybe you are thinking of the Enya 53-4C engine?
  4. According to this site the distinction between hardwood and softwood is to do with the type of seed the tree produces. softwood or hardwood
  5. I'm with Cuban8 on this. Tap the plastic mount; use cap head socket screws and add a locknut. Makes for a proper job.
  6. I did manage to download the manual from MattyB's link. It's OK but not great as the way it was scanned cuts through the text in places and ends up with text "flowing" onto the next sheet. It's all there, but not very tidy. I think OS printed the instructions on a large folded sheet so it's just not easy to scan onto A4 sheets . I tried asking OS but they sent me a link to the FS200 manual! BTW, sceptreflight.com have 3 different test reports on the FS20.
  7. Cheers Paul, I think I'm OK, but will ask if my stock props don't work .
  8. Thanks Matty. Google is obviously working better for you than it did for me!! Have a Happy Christmas.
  9. I wonder if anyone has a pdf. version of the manual that came with the OS FS20 four stroke engine they would be prepared to share?
  10. They look very useful Martin. Do you remember who you got them from? Banggood; Ebay??
  11. Tim, yes I tend to do exactly that myself. Drill a pilot hole first.
  12. I am still using my original HSS step drill (made by Halls of Sheffield) that I bought 35 years ago. Its never been sharpened an is still working well. I also recently picked up a cheap one from LIDL and that works fine too!
  13. I find them very useful for making larger diameter holes in thin material. As Ace says, you can drill from both sides for thicker material. I also find they are good for starting a nice smooth round hole (that you can drill deeper with a standard drill bit once the hole is neatly started). Avoids splintering the wood with a big drill when you start drilling a larger size hole.
  14. Tony, Looking at the photo I believe the blade holder (vertical part) should be rigidly attached to the horizontal (adjustable sliding) part. You could glue it but I would contact the shop for a replacement item.
  15. My fault if its cold in the morning. And the sun low in the sky too. Should be sensible like the rest of you!
  16. Went flying on Tuesday. It was -1 @ 9.00 and dead calm. I managed 5 good flights with the BH Mohawk OV-1. 50 minutes flying time and the only one at the field!
  17. A messy workbench is the sign of a genius at work! Jon I'm with you on fixing that wing. It's annoying to do, but very satisfying when you can save a wing (or fuselage) like that . Once done it will be better and stronger than new. Good luck with the rebuild.
  18. Yes a very nice afternoon. The 2 Tiger Moths looked great flying together. Paul's 4-stroke powered one sounded much nicer than the other 2-stroke version though. I managed 4 good flights with my new Black Horse Mohawk . So all in all a very pleasant time.
  19. Had the opportunity to fly the Mohawk again yesterday. It is much better with the 10x5 props (replacing the 9x5 which didn't load the motors enough) In spite of the new set-up drawing more Amps at full throttle, 9 minute flights still left over 50% in the battery (3700mah 4s) I assume as I could fly most of the time at lower throttle setting.
  20. Well, in his de-fence he dosen't often crash coming from that direction! He just needs more practice.
  21. Worst Lipos I got were from BangGood. Supposed to be 35C but doubt they were even 10c. Wouldn't maintain voltage even under very low amp loads.
  22. Lucky you have just picked up a 2nd generation 61FS to take its place. Should have at least 50% more oomph than the open rocker FS-60. None of which helps with powering your Super 60 though. You'll be looking for an open rocker Enya 40-4C for that next??.
  23. I have recently had very good service and prices from China Hobby Line. Lipos very good quality too.
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