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  1. I`m Happy, I was lucky you all did worse than me. 🀣
  2. Predictions done easy choice ( I just look over JS shoulder 🀣 )
  3. I suspect John Stones is looking over my shoulder........🀣 or it could be the other way round😢
  4. Just checked mine - think they made a oops............
  5. FP1 & FP2 hasnt helped. πŸ™ˆ Not Happy.
  6. Load of hot air................ πŸ‘€
  7. Well done top 3. Didnt go to plan..
  8. Predictions done, all of my team lost money, going to be a long year.
  9. Must be the heat, it`s affected my teams ability to drive
  10. Couldnt make it up - power cut imminent. planned work - better be on by 5pm.
  11. So far ive missed fp1 & fp2πŸ’€ Wont make any difference as I know I have best team.πŸ™Š
  12. Still 10, I`m winning & simon 3rd. Grumpy at bottom.
  13. Game open team picked & predictions done.
  14. Logan Sargeant will continue with Williams for the 2024 Formula 1 season I wont be picking him but if you want him in your team feel free to do so
  15. Started with Alonso magnussen Leclerc Red Bull Ferrari Maclaren Changed to Leclerc Magnussen Ricciardo Red Bull Ferrari Mercs Changed when Alonso dropped off. 2 changes made - 4 left. Average Predictions more than Whatshisname at 32. 2nd year running ferrari let me down, wont be in team next year. Predictions last race 55.......... took me all year to do that.
  16. Thanks John P for sorting us out for another year.......
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