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  1. No idea if John P returned safely back from his extravagant Canadian holidays, but... ... the Austin COTA race seems foreseen for this WE, so... ... don't forget your predictions, gents. Cheers Chris
  2. Thanks for your long-distance dedication, John P... ? Cheers Chris
  3. As John probably is super enjoying his time in Canada, the only thing I would like to add is... Don't forget your predictions for the Turkish GP. Good luck to all Chris
  4. Hi to all. I finally got my new Internet connection carried out today. With a brand new WiFI-router, I'll be ready for my predictions for the Turkish GP event next WE... Cheers to everybody out there Chris
  5. Thanks for your concern, John T. ? The moving is still going on atm but just before getting 'disconnected', I saw the results were in at Fantasy. Congrats to Simon & John S. I can only hope to get a connection back before the Turkish GP... Cheers to all Chris
  6. Thanks once more, John P. I'm moving house this WE and will get my predictions done without being able to follow the 'last' grid opportunities. My follow -up of the results will depend on my new internet connection, scheduled for October 8th at the earliest... Best of luck to all for the Russian race... Cheers Chris
  7. Best of luck with your PPSA weekend, Phil. Unfortunately, I won't be able to be present due to health issues and travelling restrictions from abroad. ? Wishing you and the Sabre guys a lot of fun Cheers Chris
  8. "Merci beaucoup, Max" (and to John P obviously)... Also a nice surprise from the Oranje Army for not boo-ing Toto's troops. ? Congrats to Igor and Glenn for their podium spot. ? Forza Monza Cheers Chris
  9. Thanks to both of you. ? I got a bit distracted by enjoying - from a distance, unfortunately - that superb weather there in Holland in the Zandvoort dunes... Glad to read that the majority of the drivers enjoyed the revised track, especially the two 'bankings'. The general idea is that there will be some 'traffic jams' over there during Q1 or even later on tomorrow afternoon in Q2... Really not so sure about what to predict, probably a last minute job after FP3... Good luck to all Cheers Chris
  10. I wasn't feeling really encouraged to post here after yesterday's 'non-event' except for thanking John P for his kind follow up. For me, after about twenty years of car racing in different categories, what we saw in Spa was - IMHO - a total 'pantomine'... never a 'race'... Of course, no way to let the guys race in those conditions of zero visibility. BUT, a few laps behind a SC never has been a 'race'... since you just have to 'follow' without any overtaking allowed. NO 'greens laps' = NO 'race' NO 'race' = NO points & certainly NO podium What Masi / FIA / Liberty did was just taking care of their own big money by ensuring no 'cancelling of the event' would bring them into contract issues with sponsors / broadcasters and other parties. Even Dominicali - Liberty's CEO - now claiming that not Liberty but the promotors should take the responsibility to refund the fans present at Liberty's 'non-event'... unbelievable... I guess I could be ashamed now to be an old & die hard fan now... Matata mingi, I'm afraid Chris
  11. ... no worries, John. I'll keep an eye at your predictions for you... ? ? Cheers Chris
  12. Hey Phil, Thanx for your more than fast reaction. ? Well, NO... I'm not back to building... I haven't been to La Grotte since more than two months now. I'm suffering from a severe skin infection since then and hence it seems impossible to move on with the build of the Dog. Only can hope for better in the future... let's stay positive... Cheers Chris
  13. Hi Phil, Did I spot a Yugo F86 D (reg # 105) in between your pics? ... Wondering? Cheers Chris
  14. Thanks once more for the 'double' job, John P. Congrats to Pete for his really great score. ? Comparable to John S, I lost 2 drivers & 2 cars from my team in that first lap... bis repetita, after the Silverstone 'issue'... C'est la vie... ? IRL, it's really a shame that VET lost the result of that splendid drive in Hungary. To all > enjoy your summer break & see you in Spa Cheers Chris
  15. ... me neither, John. ? I'll just keep my predictions from Silverstone and hope for the best... ? Cheers Chris
  16. ... splendid result, James. Really well done. ? Cheers Chris
  17. ... Note for Mike... If you feel that you will be staring at those 'blemishes' constantly after your final coat, just take care of them right now... you won't regret it. Still plenty of opportunity at this stage... just fill them with some Sauce... I'm out of building the Dog since a while now due to health issues, but as I noticed some small discrepancy at the junction of the canopy/fuselage, that will be the first thing to handle when I'm back t it. Otherwise, I'll be constantly staring at it... Cheers Chris
  18. ... when are you starting your build blog, John? ? Cheers Chris
  19. Glad if Fred's Sauce could stop your "vicious spiral of disaster", Mike... ? Don't worry about those talcum 'grits', they sand away like butter. Please be patient this time and let the Sauce dry for at least 24 hours before sanding. Cheers & good luck Chris Oops > ... a bit late, I guess...
  20. ... a truly superb reward for your never ending patience, Dirk. ... werkelijk fantastisch resultaat... ? Cheers Chris
  21. Congrats to Ade, Pete & John S. Not my day, really. Lost my main driver during the first lap, affecting the main part of my predictions as well... That British 'knight' never really was on my fan list, but this was totally wrong and extremely dangerous in a turn like Copse... 'Respect' will be totally absent now for the rest of the season... Cheers & thanks John P Chris
  22. ... thanks once more for the reminder, John. It all looks a bit 'weird' but I guess Liberty Media is in need of a lot more 'cash'... they now even have a specific sponsor for that 'Quali Sprint'... Cheers Chris
  23. ... same here, Phil. But, I suppose Dirk must be even more curious (anxious?) to contemplate the results of his hard labour... Not that long to wait now. ? Cheers Chris
  24. Great achievement you had there, Phil. Congrats from BE... ... and great pics of a superb model. Thanks, Andy. Cheers Chris
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