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  1. just ordered from SLEC, so maybe be able to continue my build next week...
  2. Just watched this on youtube, complete build fro drawings ect of the Junkers F13 though maybe more than me would like to watch.. junkers reborn youtube
  3. Posted by Simon Chaddock on 29/04/2020 00:10:14: My most complex print so far. A 'spare' ASh-62 and bulkhead mount for my AN 2. It follows my usual 'lots of bits glued together' approach in fact there are 73 individual pieces just to make up the 9 cylinder radial. It is also self coloured, the parts being printed in silver or black filament as appropriate. Intended to replace the slightly simpler version current installed in the AN 2 if and when it got damaged but so far that hasn't happene   thats a fair bit of crafting there Simon, very nice too  .. how long in total print time did you commit to it ? I'm also working on an exact copy of the Szekely SR3, so much time spent converting images into drawings into parts.. I can't seem to be able to get any good 3 views or technical drawingsof it to work from.   Using Lockdown to help develop a better set of skills in both 3d software and 2d cad..  I'm enjoying working in virtual (3d and 2d) as I dont have an infinite supply of modelling materials.      Edited By Pete Crosby on 29/04/2020 11:16:40
  4. stuck on things to do right now, wainting of wood to arrive, making the most of my time so almost finished the dummy 3 cylinder engine ofr my build,
  5. just an update on my build.. 3 cylinder aero engine for my curtiss CW1 1/6th scale... still a bit to do on it but begining to look ok I think..
  6. Well a bit further on today with my dummy engine, still have one more cylinder to add, made the spark plugs and exhaust from Aluminum, its not a true engine just a scale representation of a 3 cylinder generic engine.
  7. Here is my small workshop/shed,. I keep models seperate in the house (no room in shed). Not as big as a lot of others but good things come from small spaces... I make, break mend and otherwise mess about in here ...
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