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  1. I can't believe it's been 5 years since I started this build! Tbh it's still on hold and sat in the garage, other commitments have meant lack of time to keep up with it. I have recently been looking at alternative ways of getting the uc working without using a servo, slowly moving forward with that and will post an update if it works. Either way, if it doesn't I've still got the servo method to fall back on and will hopefully get more of the airframe done next year! Chris
  2. Ah thanks, hopefully not as bad as it seemed a couple of months ago, at least in the short term. Hopefully things will be better next year!
  3. Just checked the slec website and they've secured a new deal with their suppliers - still an increase in prices for balsa but not the 150% increase it was going to be. They haven't given what the increase will be but say the increase is 'more reasonable'. Feeling more positive than I was in September!! .
  4. What foam do you use and where's best to get it from in the UK? Thanks Chris
  5. Best of luck with the build, I've found it a challenging but interesting project. The airframe itself isn't too difficult, looking back on it I think the most 'head scratching - need a brew to figure this out' moments so far have been with the retracts. Hope you find the thread helpful. Chris
  6. **LINK**     Well I think the retracts are just about finished apart from some final minor adjustment... At the moment both servos are being run through a single 6v receiver battery - the plan is that they'll each have a separate 6v battery installed in the nacelles so that if either of them stalls I'll still have flight control. Been nice to make some progress on things!  Edited By chris meek 1 on 03/05/2019 23:37:52
  7. Just a quick update for anyone that was following this thread, as expected the arrival of our baby son on new years day has seriously slowed progress on this build! I have been making slow progress on the second wing half to get it to a similar stage to the first. Just about to put the top sheeting on the flaps. Slow progress is still progress!!
  8. I can't wait to see this on Conniston.
  9. Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 02/11/2017 18:21:10: Posted by Cuban8 on 02/11/2017 09:53:16: Sounds plausible Jon. Not the supercharger per se, but an audible effect of the intake ducting when coupled to the later two stage blower? Yea that's the most logical thing to me. If you think the 2 stage blower is pushing more psi in to the cylinders it must be sucking more air, and the intake is larger too. Griffon spits don't seem to make the same noise. I also thought it was the supercharger as they are essentially centrifugal compressors, not unlike those used in the early jets and if anyone has ever seen/heard a vampire, or the early comet its all whistle! But yes, DX is awesome and I love the large formations they have there. But don't forget Old Warden. Not as impressive in terms of numbers of aircraft, but you get much closer to the action Chris, I'm pretty sure the main cockpit is as it always was as the main fuel tank sits ahead of the cockpit and behind the engine. I would guess this is a limiting factor. Thanks Jon, makes sense now you've said it! Chris
  10. Absolutely love Duxford. Not been for a couple of years - but definitely remember the year tfc brought the silver p40 across from America - think the pilot (Steve Hinton??) slightly misjudged his approach to the display line and flew directly over us on the tank bank. Awesome! As much as it was appreciated by us I think he was 'red flagged' as it landed shortly afterwards . That and the smell of the exhausts as they all turned in front of where we were sat to take off for the balbo... Not to mention growing up as a kid in the 90's and seeing Ray Hannah in the sea fury tail chasing Stephen Grey in the bearcat. On a side note - does anyone know whether the cockpit on the 2 seat spitfires is in the original position, or do they have to move it forward to accommodate the second seat? Sometimes it looks a bit further forward to me, but it could just be an optical illusion!! Chris
  11. Posted by Martian on 30/10/2017 10:06:13: Posted by Martin McIntosh on 29/10/2017 21:39:17: Well done Chris, maybe a curve in the servo response would prevent that initial jerk. Now for the doors ------. Ah the doors your cruel Martin But the doors will be easy - it's just getting them the right shape and size, fittingand closing properly that will be the difficult part!!!! Martin - will have to look at putting a curve on the servo. I think the initial jerk you can see is because the retaining spring gets caught slightly on a part of the retract leg as it starts to rotate backwards which stops the spring from compressing - then when it clears it the spring starts compressing causing it to jerk upwards. I'll look at moving the springs position to see if it stops it. As well as playing with the retract today (can't help it, just watching it gong up and down!) I've given the flaps a quick coat of primer before sanding them down. Unfortunately somehow I managed to break the soldered joint on the control horn on the flaps so had to re do that - which meant I then had to adjust the linkage from the servo... One step forward and several backwards! At least it's sorted now though. Next step I think will be to start on the other wing.... If I can stop playing with the retract on this one.
  12. Posted by Martian on 29/10/2017 17:55:49: Well done Chris top job 👏 q Thanks, much appreciated. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride as sone things have worked, and others haven't, still it's figuring out the problems that's half the fun! Chris
  13. Well after a bit of tinkering I think I've got the geometry right for the gear to retract fully. A bit of trial and error with the spring that takes some of the load from the servo when the gear is retracted but I think I'm in the right ball park for it. There's still a bit of play in the system but I think that's just because the brass arm isn't epoxied fully in place on the leg so there's a bit of slop between the servo and the gear. Nothing a bit more adjustment shouldn't sort. Lastly - using the servo slow function on the taranis transmitter gives it a more scale-like retract speed. Hopefully the videos show it properly. **LINK** **LINK** Now only need to get the second wing up to the same stage! Chris
  14. Hi stevo - really enjoyed reading through the blog so far, useful to see your work cutting the fuselage formers.
  15. Yeah it's amazing how quickly a seemingly innocent comment on a blog can explode into some sort of digital feud! As with most digital communications it's all too easy at times to misunderstand the context/spirit that they're made in. Chris
  16. I started my post on the mosquito as a way of documenting somewhere how I've gone about the build and solved any problems I've come across, helps me for future but also hopefully of use for others. I know I've been a secret observer of other blogs and they are a good way of getting tips from other builders that can help with my own building, I do understand the frustration though when not many comment on a blog that you're putting time into.
  17. Still making progress slowly. Retracts mounted on the wing, clearance is definitely tight in there but it does fit! I'm still happy with how it's going together and it's always a good feeling when you overcome a challenge. Once I've connected the retract up to the servo it'll need a tensioning spring attached to help it lift the leg - gravity will help it extend it. It's as per the plans in this respect - Brian Taylor does suggest using an air system to prevent it dropping out under any 'g' but that was using a single servo for both retracts linked up with bellcranks whereas I'm using one servo per side. Flaps are disconnected at the moment to cover, once done I'll glue them in place. Wheels on this aren't the ones I'll use when finished - just to give an idea of how it will look. They're not a big enough diameter to be scale and I think I'd rather find some lighter weight ones as they're quite heavy to be behind the c of g when retracted. I think mick reeves supplies some sort of foam to make your own so I may have a look at that..
  18. Thanks for the advice guys, there's still time before I have to make a final decision on it. Will have to figure out best set up for it and cost it up... If I went electric at least I wouldn't have the 'challenge' of making my own exhausts for it. Chris
  19. Right then folks have a question for you. If I was looking at powering this with electric rather than glow I would be looking at a set up of around 130 watts per pound of weight (I think). Does that mean each motor would need to supply that, or would I be able to half this figure as it's a twin engine design? I'm completely new to electric flight but the more time I put into this build the less I want to risk disaster with an engine failing. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Chris
  20. Thanks Robert, much appreciated. Have watched a few of your build threads and like your choice of designs to model. Chris
  21. Liking your designs Robert - can you give more idea on how you go about drawing up the plans? Quite fancy trying it myself but can't think how to get the cross sections of the fuselage right... Chris
  22. https://youtu.be/HY32Gq-chlg   Flaps arent fixed in permanently yet - will cover and prime them before epoxying in place.     Edited By chris meek 1 on 08/09/2017 14:17:04 Edited By chris meek 1 on 08/09/2017 14:20:11
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