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  1. Thanks Richard and Lipo Man - I am the kind of builder that makes good progress then gets stymied by a niggle like this so hopefully this will get me on my way again! Richard - do you use captive nuts on the other side of the hardwood motor mount? I guess you must - I assume you don’t pre-install them and allow the tightening of the x-mount screws to bring them into place? Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi Richard, looks like the Tempest is going great. Could I ask how you got the motor fitted to the mount and then screwed the mount to the airframe? I have the same motor and mount for your FW190 (may make this off-topic!) and have made a right mess of it so far. The problem I have is that with the motor attached to the mount, I cannot access the screws that then attach the whole thing to the airframe. With the motor not attached I can fix the mount but then can’t access the motor from behind to attach. Don’t think I have explained this very well and also think you have addressed this above but I am still none the wiser so apologies…
  3. Ron, many thanks for posting these, I started my build this weekend and your experience is invaluable!
  4. As a long-time purveyor of Richard's kits I can't pass this opportunity up. Put me down for both please Richard. Rob
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, I did indeed mean the domed nut - Great Planes call it a 'safety spinner nut' although I am unsure where the 'safety' part of this comes in. Frustrating that I cannot upload photos as this would be a a lot clearer - I think that using the prop washer and then tightening the nut using the holes (thanks Jrman) may resolve many of my issues, will try again with the photos once I have done this as it is not something i want to get wrong for obvious reasons. Thanks again, Goose
  6. Morning All, After some advice on spinner nuts please -I haven't used one before and I am a little stuck! 1. Does the nut simply screw on to the crankshaft without any retention or locking? 2. What are the holes at the front of the nut for? 3. I seem too have a few mm between the nut and prop when the nut is tightened as far as it will go (please see next question!) - should I be using the prop washer supplied with the engine to mitigate this? 4. The nut will only tighten a certain amount before it is simply turning the engine over instead of getting any tighter - I guess this isn't normal but how is it mitigated? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Goose. NB. Sorry, the site doesn't seem to like my photo upload but hopefully the above makes some sense anyway...
  7. Funnily enough I bought some of these yesterday from this place: https://www.accu.co.uk/en/cap-head-screws/2818-SSC-M3-5-25-A2 Not cheap but the going rate after looking around.
  8. Thanks for all of the advice guys, looks like I have a few options to consider. Have a great weekend... Rob
  9. Afternoon All, I hope we are all looking forward to the weekend! A quick question on mounting my OS 52: The manual suggest using a 'beam type' arrangement of hardwood bearers or an OS aluminium mount - I have one of the plasticky type mounts that I believe can be screwed into with self tappers or drilled through and used with bolts and nuts. The manual specifies a 3.5mm Allen screw for mounting - after checking what I had, I inevitably found only 3mm and 4mm screws. The 4mm screws do not fit through the mounting holes on the engine but the 3mm screws obviously do with a little slack to spare. Is it a terrible idea to use the 3mm screws? Will the engine inevitably shake itself loose if the exact fit bolts are not used? Any experience in this would be very helpful. On a related note, what is the best method for my type of engine mount? Screw directly into it or drill through and use bolts with washers and lock nuts? Many thanks in advance, Rob
  10. Posted by martin collins 1 on 24/10/2020 11:03:13: Hi Robert, yep it is now underway so you will get to see it built! Fair bit more sanding and shaping than a laser cut version but not a problem. I think you will be interested in the plane i have chosen to model it on but i am keeping that under wraps till i am a bit further down the road. Interesting - I await the big reveal! Really glad to see this getting built rather than mouldering away in my loft, grateful for the build log as it will help me when I get round to my Tiger Moth too!
  11. Hi Martin, great to see you have made a start on this. Watching with interest...
  12. Afternoon All, I am really struggling to find the download area even with the aid of this old post - could somebody point me in the right direction please?
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