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  1. Never lost it Ron, it's just some days I have other things to do, shopping, wash the car (not recently though), garden, flying, doctors, pharmacy, hospital and some days I just can't be bothered. I have read the Cover Grip and Solite instructions, there's another first. Solite works down to 80C . The Cover Grip has been brushed on to the under cambered ribs and is now drying, hopefully I haven't misunderstood as when it comes to instructions (any written English) I am as likely to misunderstand as I am to understand. Why is English not like Maths where there is a right answer and everything else is wrong? At school it seemed to me that everything I wrote was wrong, judging by all the red ink. Having introduced some thread drift, which I particularly hate, but no jokes which I find even worse, or was that one? Next, I will start covering the outer wings with Solite even though I am wondering if it will be strong enough as it is ever so light but there is only one way to find out. Steve
  2. A magnet actuator, apparently. Mactuator, November 1954 Air Trails - Airplanes and Rockets Steve
  3. Radio Control Models & Electronics | August 2022 (classicmagazines.co.uk)
  4. I proved that theory wrong on more than one occasion. For me the advantage of a foamy was the RR option because I knew nothing about electric, RR come with the motor, ESC, servos, prop and spinner. The Seagull Boomerang was an option at the time but being ARTF it would need the power system and servos buying separately. Second hand was not an option either for me as I didn't know what I was looking at. There are posts on here where vendors have installed cheap fake servos for example. Going to my LMS and buying a Riot was the easy option to get me in the air the next day. It turned out to be a good choice as it was easily replaced, it lasted six weeks of flying every day and numerous bounces and subsequent repairs. Whatever they are made of they all break but some more easily than others. I have found plan-built models to be the most robust surviving abuse where an ARTF would have become a bag of bits. When I started, plan building was something to look forward to once I had learned to fly. In the end what you chose to fly is not that important as long as whatever it is gets you in the air and enables you to have fun. Steve
  5. The tail feathers are now covered with the amazing Solite, it's so easy to use. I followed Ron's advice and turned the iron temperature down and even at the minimum 100C it works and quickly. Considering how I was putting the covering off, anxiety I think, finding it so simple to use has made my day, week or year. When I bought 15m of Solite at £7.99/m I thought maybe it would be too much and I would never use it, but now I am thinking I should buy more before it's all gone. Covering is usually a time when I start to think of what next, I have a CG Electra kit which I was reluctant to start because of my assumed covering issues, which are no more so it looks like the Carl Golberg Electra has made it to the top of the list. Steve
  6. Maybe @dhendleycan help or explain. I have noticed that recently we seem to be getting a lot of new members which I assumed indicated that the registering issues had gone or at least had reduced. Steve
  7. Clubs accept new members, but some have a long waiting list. The two reasons for this are attractive facilities (large well-maintained field, NOTAM height for large models and no noise restrictions) and other clubs closing down. This creates a waiting list of experienced modelers, LMA and jets for example. I think the pilots with nowhere to fly should be given priority just to keep them in the hobby. I also think that the complete novice should be automatically accepted. The novice will be put off by the negative response received from an initial enquiry whereas committed long term modelers will find another solution and stay in the hobby. Having decided to give all novices automatic membership the number of instructors and their availability could be a limiting factor but that's another issue. Do clubs need to make the number of members rigid? From what I have observed a club will only get six or seven novices a year and only a couple of those will stay in the hobby long term therefore there will be minimal impact on club membership numbers. What we all want is for numbers to increase, don't we? Steve
  8. Even happier now That the first bit is covered. Steve
  9. Bought a 9x4.5 prop to reduce power and climb rate. Test flight at half throttle needed elevator down trim but not excessive. Partially successful and what I expected, having done similar experiments with a Super 60. Increasing to full throttle did not cause a huge increase in speed, maybe lacks power. I have to decide what to try next my thoughts are to pack up the TE by another 2mm and maybe go back to the 10x5 prop. But there again, as I have said before, I could just fly as it is and get used to it. Steve
  10. Obviously, I think I am having some age-related issues. I am sure you used Cover Grip on your mass build so either you left the backing sheet on, or it wasn't Solite on reflection I think it was the latter. Having bought a big bottle of Cover Grip I am going to have to find a use for it. some will be used on the under cambered wings, not totally wasted then. I am happy now. Steve
  11. I am getting there. in that the adverts shrink to fit. Steve
  12. Hey, you made me laugh, there's another first.
  13. The MPX Heron is the current victim, I need to have its replacement in the Hangar ready and waiting as it may be need at short notice. My thoughts were to use a MPX Ventus as a cheap follow on to build more confidence, then the Composite Glider. Steve
  14. It would help if I removed the backing film! I thought it was a bit heavy now all is explained. Thanks Ron Steve
  15. Must have the wrong name. It's a Solarfilm product that has no glue on the back, I bought it from Steve Webb just checked SoLite and it just says Iron on film. Best thing to do is to try a bit then go have a lay down to get over the shock of making a mistake, something I'm not used to. Steve
  16. It works on the main page where you are using CSS. but on the forum a fixed style is used. what I remember from many years ago is that CSS is used for different devices and their required image attributes. Also, IIRC CSS overrides the page styles. Now I am going back ten years and I was using MSVS. Curious why one uses CSS and the other doesn't. Just interested. Steve
  17. For me the best and most relevant place would be in the space to the right of RCM&E Steve
  18. Fortunately, I have not placed an order and the lack of knowledge that this topic has highlighted has dampened my enthusiasm to the point where I have decided to forget it. Steve
  19. My only concern is that Solite requires Cover Grip which I have never used.
  20. Monthly update, two days early. The wings are sanded and ready to cover now I have to decide what with. I bought 15m of Solite(?) 5m each of red, yellow and blue but I have a large stock of HK film. I have used HK and find it easy whereas this will be the first time for the Solite, but it should be lighter. How much lighter and will there be any significant benefit is what I am puzzling over. My instinct is telling me to bang the HK on and get it flying before summer is over. @Nick Crippshow hard is this Solite to use and is there some special technique to use? Steve
  21. Yes, it's unfortunate considering all the very helpful advice, especially the coordinated turns, that it's ruined for me by stupidity about a bit of string that is in no way relevant to the model I was going to buy. Steve
  22. In the UK some clubs are restricted to electric because of noise. With turbines as the models get larger the noise increases and the distance they travel from the field also increases put together there is more potential to annoy the neighbours which has resulted in clubs banning turbines. Therefore, in the UK it's also a good idea to find a club where turbines are accepted before purchase and hope the club does not follow the trend of going all electric just to keep the field. I would think any committee faced with noise complaints would most likely ban turbines as a first step to try to placate the neighbours. Unfortunate for the jet set but understandable when the field is at risk of being lost. Steve
  23. On the contrary it was not harmless and was not fun, it upset me. It was just stupid rubbish poking fun at me. Steve
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