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  1. Right - mission accomplished for the FW190. Two flights this afternoon - took off from the retracts, flew with wheels up then lowered the gear for a pair of smooth trouble free landings. Just need to adjust the gear covers and repaint the wing lower where it’s been cut away and I think I’m 100% done. I’m still hugely impressed by this kit - everything I was hoping for has been delivered with room to spare. The build experience was straightforward and really rewarding. It’s a joy to fly and looks fantastic in the air. The retracts are icing on the cake - the feeling watching the gear go up whilst climbing away from takeoff will never grow old. I would strongly recommend one of these to anyone contemplating their first balsa warbird if and when these are in stock on the Warbird Replicas website. I genuinely can’t think of any significant improvement I could recommend to the kit.
  2. Crikey - that looks absolutely brilliant. Hats off to you, sir. Magnificent work!
  3. I did get the rotation on the two aborted take offs. I’ll get the file out before I fly again!
  4. Nipped to the field as the weather radar showed about 30 minutes of clear skies between the downpours. The good news was the sun did indeed come out. The bad was that it was blowing a gale and definitely not the conditions for trying out something new and untested. However… as the FW190 had thus far been a total pussycat to fly I decided to have a go. First off - it looks great on its’ wheels. The stance just looks right. Second - even on the slightly larger wheels I’d requested it would nose-over unless I was pretty enthusiastic with the throttle and held full up elevator until it had got going. Third - I clearly hadn’t tightened the grub screws enough as on the first couple of attempts the gear was rotating making takeoff impossible. Any sensible person would at this point have gone home to make some adjustments. I, on the other hand, straightened the wheels and gave it full throttle heading into the gale! What followed was a safe take off, and a nice low pass to watch the gear going up - which it did without any issues. A few more passed gear up and down then I brought her round for a belly landing - didn’t want to risk the gear twisting sideways and ripping itself out. Flight performance isn’t massively affected - possibly a tad more nose heavy and a bit slower but certainly nothing major. Very chuffed - a hail storm just starting so home for a celebratory cuppa. one question - do people file flats on the gear wire to stop them rotating? Seems like it might be a good idea. 🤔
  5. I’ll defo go with “just” a skid - but tail wheel shaped is a marvellous idea!
  6. Looking pretty good on its’ smart new wheels! Just need to add a tail skid and we’re ready for a re-maiden.
  7. Nearly done fitting the retracts. Both wings cut out and ply mounts installed. Y cable routed through the same place as the ailerons and the thin ply walls to line the wheel wells fitted with golden gorilla glue. I could probably get it flyable today if I weren’t spending most of the day campaigning for the election. Very inconveniently timed in my opinion - I’ve also got my big foam Bearcat to finish. I may write a strongly worded letter to number ten…
  8. Just finishing fitting the retracts to my FW190 this week. I’d definitely classify myself as a newb, but the little Focke makes me look a better pilot than I am and (belly) landings are almost always very smooth. One question on the retracts - I’ve doubled up the thickness of the ply where the retract mounting screws go. Is that a bad idea? I’m wondering if longer screws make it stronger, or is it better to have short screws that can fail without causing too much collateral damage if my landing ability returns to normal?
  9. Crikey that’s an outstanding looking FT Spitfire. Congratulations!
  10. Back from holidays so took a brave pill and cut a great big hole in my wing. Actually it really wasn’t very hard, and I’m pretty pleased with how it went. Onto the other side next…
  11. One for the diary, I think. Don’t suppose you know if you need any certification? I can fly - sort of - but haven’t bothered to do even an A test. Would that stop me flying?
  12. I’ll give that a go - thanks. The cracking of the diall white stuff is an issue - and is less likely curved one way rather than the other. You get to recognise which side is the “top” after a while!
  13. Mainly 6mm sheets of this stuff: https://www.diy.com/departments/diall-polystyrene-6mm-insulation-board-l-0-8m-w-0-6m-pack-of-8/1906880_BQ.prd
  14. I The dolly I have was made from scraps. It works but it looks very “shonky”. The one Ron links to above is the best kit offering I’ve seen.
  15. Another tip for “part two” of the FW190 build - the retracts. If you do order the retract kit, and if you’re as prone as I am to stupid mistakes, take a photocopy of the template. It might come in handy…
  16. I’ve been enjoying flying the little Focke for a couple of months now. It gets lots of compliments at the field - the only thing my clubmates struggle to get their heads round is the take off dolly. Well that won’t be a problem for too much longer - the postman’s been…
  17. Wow - you have more self restraint than I do. I spend about half my build time propping the bits up and imagining what it will look like when it's finished! And the Tempest is looking magnificent, by the way...
  18. Well it flies! I did a short maiden this afternoon in very blustery conditions and all went pretty well. Plenty of power on 4s, which bodes well as it will be on 6s when it's finished... CG felt good, but it climbed on throttle so I'll reduce the angle of attack of the wing a little (easy to do as the fuselage is only the central core at present...). Flight was cut short as the prop loosened - clearly I'm not used to how tightly you need to torque up a 15" prop! There was a little damage to one wing leading edge - easily fixed. So - seems it will be worth my while building the fuselage exterior!
  19. You’re probably right - but as this is a fairly sketchy build anyway I’m going to give them a try - and watch for any unintentional roll inputs on the maiden. On the upside it should be a very gentle flyer by warbird standards. I’ve just done a weight check with all the heavy bits included. Maiden weight (minus the fuselage exterior - I’m doing the maiden with just the core central box structure - is 2,002g. For a 1.7m span plane that seems “quite low”. 🤔
  20. Every now and then I have a brilliant idea. Some short time afterwards, whilst completing whatever project I was working on when I had the brilliant idea, I have a subsequent moment of revelation. And at that precise moment I realise that the reason “everybody doesn’t do it like that” is because my brilliant idea has missed something so fundamental that it’s impossible to complete the project without totally undoing everything I had done after having the “brilliant idea”. Thus I find myself needing to drive both sides of the elevator on the bearcat, and not wanting to make one of those wire U shaped things to glue into the two elevator halves to link them. I came up with the brilliant (?) idea to instead make a U shaped gizmo to connect the servo horn to two control snakes. There must be a reason why this is a bad idea, but so far I’ve not managed to work it out. Someone put me out of my misery - what am I missing?
  21. More progress on the Bearcat over the last few days. Next challenge was how to fix the wings to the fuselage. I've gone with two locating pins that go directly through the spar and locate in a cross member in the fuselage, with two wing bolts towards the rear. It feels pretty solid and should easily cope with normal flight loads - crash loads are, of course, a different mater entirely... I also made up the foam board empennage so I can finally put the bits together to get a feel for the size of the thing - it's a decent size! I also realised that I don't need to build the fuselage to carry out the maiden. I can fly with just the box structure internal fuselage structure to assess the flight behaviour and make any major changes if I've got thrust angle, wing incidence etc. badly wrong, and once I know it should fly OK I can skin the fuselage. Might try and get ready for a maiden this weekend.
  22. After a hiatus I'm working on the Bearcat again. Wing joiner is three pieces of foam board laminated together, with a 20mm deep piece of pine grafted into the middle piece. This slots inside the rectangular box section of the wing. Feels more than strong enough! Ailerons are now cut out and awaiting hinges, but the wings can go together for the first time. Looks like I've got a lot of wing area to cope with the weight!
  23. Well this afternoon I enjoyed the glorious weather flying this little aerobatics hack. It’s made from stuff I found in the shed and wasn’t even “designed” as such, but it’s the most fun to fly plane I own. Go figure.
  24. I had a very basic little foamboard aerobatic hack. I built it in one evening without plans, and it flew beautifully off a 1300 3s battery for about eight minutes. I say “had” because last week I finally crashed it one time too many and broke the fuselage in half (not for the first time…). Bottom photo is of the plane before the mishap. Anyway - last week I built a new fuselage to re-use the wing which survived the crash unscathed. Again a one day build with no real plans other than a basic outline of something aerobatic (an Extra?). I was really pleased with how it turned out, and I just got home after the maiden. Just like before, eight minutes off that little 3 cell, but now with the increased fuselage side area it will knife edge! I must admit I’m quite pleased with it. Should be a fun little plane to keep in the car for spontaneous summer evening flying.
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