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  1. Is the gangster lite for electric power only ? Cheers
  2. Hi Arthur, we haven’t come across this at the moment, but yes all new comers wanting to learn to fly are accepted. During the learning time he/she would be expected to reach the A cert, until then an experienced flyer will be at his/ her side at ALL times. Not all clubs do this I am informed. Cheers
  3. As original poster, I think I should comment. As with most clubs I assume, all our fliers are experienced and we have no concerns with thier flying ability or their models at any time. If a newcomer brings a model down, our “safety officer” will ask if he can check over the model for i.e. loose engine bolts, unsecured battery, correct control surfaces etc. other than the occasional shout when a model may move to an unsafe place in the air, there is not much to be done. Safety rules re parking, pilot box use, no fly areas etc are given in writing to newcomers. Cheers
  4. Hi Ken, when you mentioned trimming, I suddenly thought without a drawing I have no control throws to begin with. If these are on the drawing I would be pleased if you could put them on this post. Thanks
  5. Wonder if HK has a Uk warehouse or even an European one ? Cheers
  6. Thanks Ken, a good Idea, I am sure someone can help. Thanks
  7. Thanks John, just wanted to see the arm action immediately after the launch. Must keep away from that prop.
  8. Ken, can you please show video of PC under arm launch again please. Thanks
  9. Hi Ken, can you please post the video of The PC underarm launch again please. Cheers
  10. Best flying model I have built many moons ago. Regarding pilot I remember on drawing referring to German helmet “ spike essential” lol.
  11. Thanks both, the launch was the only thing that bothered me a little. Feeling better already. Been flying over thirty years, every model scratch built, was cheaper than kits in those days, and they ALL had wheels.lol Cheers
  12. Here we go, not flown yet, but due to Ken’s info and help it could be soon lol. Cheers Click to enlarge.
  13. Thanks Ken, got it. Sent for two props , 8x6 and 8x5, the latter one to see if it will slow the model to a pace suitable to my age lol. Cheers. Photo to follow.
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