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  1. Hi Danny, yes for sure its hit and miss, but I've mostly enjoyed hits to be fair. But never mind, its making for a nice project and will be as I like it when done Prop.
  2. Hi Brian, good to hear from you, its been a long time since I've posted anything either here on RCG, nice to talk to a familiar user. Glad you liked the video, as this is now going to be glow powered, I guess I could always start a new thread or post into one of the rolling ones? prop.
  3. Blast from the past, but just as an FYI, I got hold of another Magnatilla, this time glow powered and have started the restoration process. You can find out more below:
  4. Quick question for those of you that see this, and hopefully the OP will. What solartex colors are typically used for the bottom? Linen or Antique? Also Olive Drab for the top? Thanks prop.
  5. Hi Andy. Wondering if your able to tell me how the glosstex is holding up on the model and also what red did you use (there are three, light red, red and dark red' because it looks to be a perfect match for the scheme I want to use on a new model project (see attached). Interested to hear how its holding up in general after a few years use. I'm a big fan of solatex and love using it and the results it gives, I just have zero experience with its glossy sister, so any feedback is welcome. Regards, prop.
  6. Hi Gordon, that's interesting. Do you have any photo's of your set-up you can send? prop.
  7. Hi Gents, thank you all for your replies and kind offers. Looking at it again last night I think I may well just splice in some oleo's into the existing fixed U/C, fixing the from strut supports to the outside sleeve of the oleo and figuring out some additional strut cross bracing too. But who know's, perhaps by that time a 1/4 UC kit will come back onto the market. That said, does anyone still have the email address of the last Falcon Models owner (Chris)? Might be worth a shot to see if he's got anything stashed somewhere. thanks all, prop.
  8. Guy's I posted in another thread, I've got I Stampe myself that I'm restoring but am looking at sprung U/C solutions. I'm pretty sure there is not a commercial set available for 1/4 scale Tigermoths/Stampes, but wonder if any of you guys that were making up your own offered your services to others here? I don't have the time or the set-up right now and can't think of spending the time I do have on this restore, only to revert back to the stock fixed U/C config, the Stampe deserves better than that Any thank you to the group for all the posts here over the years, I've got quite the library of reference images for my restore now. I've already started stripping of the covering. prop (Stuart).
  9. Hi gents, Well that is a shame, and I've contacted Flair and they say they are no longer able to produce the U/C for the TM. Does anybody have an U/C they want to sell? prop.
  10. Hi Peter. I've been watching your progress for some time on and off and seen lots of great idea's that I'll carry across into my 1/4 Stampe restoration. But I was wondering, do you have a link for where you got the U/C from on your TM? I found the site 'falcon-aviation' but could not find the U/C nor the TM kit for that matter. Regards,   prop Edited By propogandhi on 10/12/2017 21:03:00
  11. Hi PaulH/all, Glad you like the Junior and I read with some interest your report. I wrote the manual for the Junior and know already of one printing error that unfortunately got through into the first production run of manuals (mentioned at the bottom of the product listing on the site), but I'd be keen on hearing back from you on these other smaller ones you mention via PM if you are willing. All feedback is good feedback when it comes to furthering the strength of the brand, so it would be great to hear back from you (or anybody else for that matter) via pm if you find anything untowards. Kind regards, Stuart Warne (Durafly brand manager, Hobbyking)
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