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  1. Hi Spice Cat I take your point about 'sacrificial' weakness, but Olly Giles has the right approach surely. Tough, springy legs with the airframe protected by sacrificial retaining bolts sounds a much better solution to me. So, any ideas who sells such things in Boomerang size? @import url(http://www.modelflying.co.uk/CuteEditor_Files/Style/SyntaxHighlighter.css);@import url(/CuteEditor_Files/public_forums.css);
  2. Hi All   I can't be the only person to lament the dreadful piano wire u/c legs supplied on the majority of trainers. When learning, one is going to make some pretty rough landings so why have legs that: a)bend out of shape really easily b)are a pain to bend back into shape c)are very much weaker and more prone to bending after a) and b) have occurred?   I see that the WOT trainer has 'springy' looking legs. Are they better than the wire?   Can anyone suggest a better set of legs for my Boomerang?   Thanks in advance.   @import url(http://www.modelflying.co.uk/CuteEditor_Files/Style/SyntaxHighlighter.css);@import url(/CuteEditor_Files/public_forums.css);
  3. The Parkzone P51 is really good indoors. Will fly quite slowly if required to and looks the biz; especially if you take off the undercarriage.@import url(http://www.modelflying.co.uk/CuteEditor_Files/Style/SyntaxHighlighter.css);@import url(/CuteEditor_Files/public_forums.css);
  4. Looking good. You really get on with it! How many hours work do the photo's represent? @import url(http://www.modelflying.co.uk/CuteEditor_Files/Style/SyntaxHighlighter.css);@import url(/CuteEditor_Files/public_forums.css);
  5. I haven't used Al's Hobbies for mail order so I can't comment on that, but I always take a hard look at their stand at shows; most recently at Rougham. Always some GREAT offers and Ali Snr is a real gentleman and very knowledgeable. 
  6. Went yesterday - brilliant displays in just about perfect weather. Today's a real bummer for all.
  7. James   I'll check the CoG and try again.   p.s. anyone tried to make a 4 blade prop for it? 
  8. I painted mine in RAF camouflage and shark teeth (112 Squadron), just to have something different.   Looks pretty , flies like a dog     Need to lose weight from the back to compensate for the paint methinks.
  9. The only thing I dislike about my Boomer is the weedy undercarriage. Not confidence making for a learner!   The u/c on the WOT types get good reviews; has anyone of those work on a Boomer ?
  10. Hi All   Seems to be on sale in Ireland only. Certainly not advertised in Suffolk. 
  11. Lee   Where do you get the acetate sheet, and what grade/thickness do you use? 
  12. Great soundtrack - the Merlins were the best though!
  13. Simon   Thank you for a fascinating and inspirational  build log.   I'm planning to build Mr Carr's 'Biff' from the February RCM&E but I'd really like to add ailerons; I'll have a go at your method and see how I get on. Will you be using the same system on the depron 'plane? If you are, some details will be fabbo. 
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