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  1. Sorry to hear of Peter passing away. Always read his articles with interest. Picked up loads of hints and tips. He was obviously a stalwart of this great hobby and will be greatly missed by many that knew him and the many that read him. Condolences to Janet and family. RIP Peter.
  2. Watched the whole thing - Brilliant Of note Joe Kittinger holds onto at least one of his records from his famous 102,800 ft skydive in 1960. That of longest free-fall at 4min and 36 sec's. Felix was a little shorter at 4min 16sec's. Upate on top speed reached by Felix. 833 mph / Mach 1.0944.
  3. Not ARTF then .... I have 3 nights off. I may abuse my login (mods beware ) BB
  4. A Heli pilot at my club recently took up FW and after passing his 'A' Cert. Then fitted a 3 axis gyro to his .55 OS powered ARTF Wot 4. He flew it in a 20mph wind. Switching the gyro off and on the difference was really noticable. The Wotty bounced around in the changing air current regardless; But when the gyro was on, the flight lines were very smooth. The other Heli guys said it was cheating BB
  5. When all else fails - Blame someone else Edited By BB on 06/09/2012 06:14:50
  6. It is an input trainer. I saw one in the mid 70's being used at a fly-in fun day. Only the 2 tx's were joined with dowl sticks and bent wire. Both sets were on a picnic table near the flight line. It was being used to teach complete novices to fly aero. Quite a few went on to fly solo the same day. Makes real sense to use with rc Helis. Where the very fine inputs can take some time to master, for some individuals.
  7. Chris's advice is correct. My advice was based on Google pic. Perhaps 'champher' out the slot that the tail plane snuggly already fits. Add fillets and sticks and exopy. It conceals the repair and adds strength that wasn't there.
  8. Drill small pilot holes for 'cock tail or carbon rod' sticks. Insert, align and glue with Epoxy.
  9. A mate of mine got one last year. Maiden was good, loadsa lift off that engine. Though one of the wing struts broke. Grass strip landing 3rd flight. Nearest I could afford was a Glens models 'Maule' & a Seagul decathlon. Good luck with it. You've a great looking piece of kit there you have. BB
  10. Posted by Alan 4 on 15/03/2012 23:17:40: ACTUALLY, half of me is from Kent, yes, cantwells half a southern softy Soz, forgivs me ya lardshippy
  11. Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 15/03/2012 22:56:40: Posted by BB on 15/03/2012 22:48:04: And it's, it NOT ti.... . He's writing in a "Manc" accent! BEB Sorry BEB I forgot to check his passport on this occassion. Alan - I'm sorry. We down't'suth as u mit say fargivves ya geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr . Yaaaaaaar still aaa toup blouke thourgh. Phew, hope he understands BEB. Google translate can be hard sometimes !! BB
  12. Posted by Alan 4 on 15/03/2012 22:31:52: Well, thats the throttle link delt with, now the hard facts, trainers are what trainers are, they have to take knocks, and are expendable if ti goes in, your nice four stroke will be the first to hit the deck, if its affordable then fair enough, but generally i would recomend a budget engine like the 46LA or enya 40 SS these are solid built motors, more suited to the rumble tumble of the tyro enviroment, i tell alll learners this, as for the linkage to the four stroke, i use Kavan tanks, these have a series of grooves down the tank, really handy for sneaking a throttle link in, i mount the servo in line as i can, and have a direct link to the throttle arm, on the engine end, i bend the rod at 90 degrees, and use a keeper, and on the servo end, a metal 2mm clevis Ditto...... a 2 stroke will do. And it's,  it NOT ti....  . And all is 2 LL's not 3, Alan. BB - Sings, "I'm in the mood for dancing, and correcting.  I go back to work tomorrow night ......" (ABBA - IM IN THE MOOD) Edited By BB on 15/03/2012 22:53:50
  13. Been flying almost as long as being a member of the forum, about 4 years. Wrote off 2 frames within 10 days of each other last October 2011. Not a bad average that, 2 frames in 4 years. Compared to my clubs Mr 'know it all', who goes 'round' and tip stall's on a regular basis. Been flying he says 10 years.  Latest quote, " don't tell me how to fly.  I know how to fly."  My answer, sure, but you ain't learned to land !  - Bazinga !! Round - meaning, that he can't land any frame within 120 X 70 metres of flight line.  There is always a problem with the wind or his now new Futaba 18 MZ.  No I am not kidding ! He's a 'B' cert. I'm an 'A' BB (do I feel smug.  In this instance - YES !) Edited By BB on 15/03/2012 22:35:37
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