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Another returnee to aeromodeling

Low Flyer

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Hello all..

.I'm just getting back in to aeromodeling, I've not flown this century! but am about to get my fingers back on the sticks, Like many I cut my teeth on free flight keilkraft rubber powered kits in the 70's and some of my own designs and RTP. Got back in to it in the late 80's learnt to fly RC and I had the pleasure of teaching few people to fly back then too. Then got detracted by work etc

I'm a traditional balsa basher I enjoy building and the satisfaction of that first flight with a new model. although its been a while now and I'm feeling a bit nervous getting back in the air so have restored an old Mick Reeves Hawk trainer with an OS 35 max I'll post pictures when I figure out how (I have a love/ hate relationship with computers!)

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My career path took a similar route to yours. when I came back 6 months ago, I dug out one of my old high-wing planes with an OS 35 motor. Now I've switched to building planes from foam board because it's a bit quicker, cheaper and I think they fly better. Also I'm all electric now. It's perfect for these planes and is a lot less messing about.

Here's my latest creation. It's a foam-board version of my favourite plane of all time - the Hots 40. I've just got some finishing off to do now, but it'll be a while before I can fly it because I have to face surgery on Monday. The Hots 40 is perfect for this construction method because it's all flat surfaces on the fuselage.

pre finish.jpg

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Hi ,I realise the original post is a few years old , however I am in need of a mick reeves hawk plan . I’ve just acquired an incomplete kit minus the plans

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