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  1. Yes it is correct I'm affraid KC......The show was taken over by Martin Thompson..... location was moved to Lutterworth due to an issue with holding it at north weald but has now had to be cancelled so No Wings & Wheels Show This Year... ( see website ) https://wingsnwheels.net/
  2. As to flying the old timers... I have a Ben Buckle Scorpion , & Junioer 60 cutrrently flying & a Super 60 in the loft awaiting a new wing..... As much as I have enjoyed flying various types of models over the years... yes im not old at almost 51 but comign back into the hobby last year I know find myself leaning more towards the older models which I wud never get bored of just plodding round the sky at a nice slow relaxed pace rather than taring around the sky like a rat up a drain pipe ,, I can do it all day everyday easily and right now prefer that more relaxed style of flying way more than say flying my Panic or Ruckus.... I even have an old Waterhouse & eley Superfly ,, yes the 3 channel figerglass trainer and recently i picked up a DB Centurion,,, I even love and enjoy flying my diesel powered glider which i was flying both days at the weekend I also spent 11 years flying at the Hop Farm Show in Kent and Wings & Wheels in Harlow ,, but now my mad capped sling it round the sky like I stole it days are long gone and I think I'm gradually becoming an old fart type of flier..
  3. also a scorpion on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/305574681888?itmmeta=01HYGR77Q2K7QGFMS8Y2BSCPC0&hash=item4725ab9d20%3Ag%3ACB4AAOSwNc9mP7Wz&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4DdZMBPPVlGqVZS61IxUMySHglJTz9fpaQbbWl5x%2BxMyxldstFqkJnDa9nrDDO5apun6M%2Bo%2BrGmJMwiHZsJaYL6jg0Dk3%2Fn1c%2FJpXF%2FuJ0gdkZ7BpVrLm78ikMp61erYXmnyMSYyROizZTQXi0Vm3R7MgEsbJ%2FUr3XvvR1NGqoLDdCEm8okgYq8RqiM2pDD6PhlMqmjTGAg2VahtAsh4mf98nuLG1aoiBfBEma4OGmGsq564750Ewfjpp9%2Bv5Aqk3fRMdwuPzuerf1vUQNkHgiLAmMWjXFdLQP4c0MJEjqvk|tkp%3ABk9SR8j7nJj0Yw&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  4. Theres a nice elf on ebay right now..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176361781464?itmmeta=01HYGR4W6EEWAYXAC546V0VBR2&hash=item290ffb38d8:g:fA0AAOSw1ExmDqpc&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4EMa%2F1r9lsVRXY4vIxfrr%2BbG8ZONb6gEBq%2FpJttlMW8x5HuniVAeJ8RnYtnSe2HkcrxejOi2P62Kn3U1m8zGDl%2B2HUIZ4AMyBoF2xMRqDlYxWBzL3x%2B4XXcWXFdcUY7YHmuIUQcoTbdkH7ArY079O0RUVwlI1bbff62Dhz1Bc%2BJ3mDRINjsOQ0j2HjammyJ25cwkJmO6okVh1ZJ85mkXyEg2CAQ5lTW5TQcoujoKk3AXWxY05SSgWayXgdgHC%2FeewsdIJE8tlX77Ee4G26aFLN4Cq9qI1qNUFIEAB%2Fg00NKe|tkp%3ABk9SR6DDk5j0Yw
  5. A typical loading for my models ready for a club field day..... a usual size planes and all wings behind the seats as for the bigger model the tail wheel is up against the arm rest and fllight box is behiind the rhe planes wheel so as to stop the fuselage rolling backwards & coming into the front and towels stop the models from rolling forwards
  6. https://nexusmodels.co.uk/products/xt90-output-11-x-multi-charge-lead-made-with-heavy-duty-silicone-wire-from-electriflyer-ideal-for-icharger?_pos=52&_sid=e3b3d9aa6&_ss=r
  7. Some Quads/Drone can be flown manually with onbboard built in automated & auto stabilization swithed off,,, so as to be flown totally unaided in the same way helicopters are by switching the GPS & stabilization off which both of my Blade 350 QX3's can be flown totally manually
  8. Spektrum flier for last 15 years starting with original DX7...... then 2 DX7s, 1 DX8, 1 DX 9 and now NX8 ( for planes )& one of my old DX7's ( for helis )
  9. I dont recall the Gen1 DX8 having forward programming from when i had mine a couple of years ago and i cant see it in the manual so i wud say ur right there Shaun... i cud be wrong but he might be able to bind with safe and as3x always on or bind with it shut off i cant say for certain on that
  10. Its a Gen 1 DX8 as for updates register it on Spektrum Rc website and all available updates can be dowloaded from there.. and yes as its a DSMX TX it will work with the AR 630 Rx also depending when it was manufactured it may also been DSM2 capable to work with older DSM2 Rx's https://www.spektrumrc.com/login
  11. You can always contact Mick Reeves Models on 01354 653063 https://www.mickreevesmodels.co.uk/
  12. Very nice plane to fly is the husky and never say its the last one Toto,,,, as Ive said the same many times but always find ways to squeeze jusyt that one more in somewhere......
  13. Please give over & move on ,,,, like a dog with a bone looking to cause row & argument.. It was a question clearly indicated by the question marks not a statement as you claim it to be nor was I stating anything
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