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  1. Try this one.. they are very good reliable starters https://www.modelshopleeds.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2688&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoeGuBhCBARIsAGfKY7x6BUg8bvpUQBvOsSYRczYOLhaKg9cOperomBSz2WWAm3PULYsNjogaAiQnEALw_wcB
  2. Also The Futaba 2008 is S-BUS only where the 3008 is S-BUS & S-BUS 2 compatable
  3. The difference between the 2008 & 3008 is the Modulation Type in similar way as Spektrum DSM2 & DSMX....... the Futaba 2008 is S-FHSS and the 3008 is T-FHSS not all Futaba Tx's transmit both T-FHSS & S-FHSS some only do one or the other where as the Futaba 10J does transmit both
  4. No it shudnt happen and needs replacing
  5. GaryW

    Powering the Rx

    And once again here come the playground know it alls to strike again... I'm so glad Matty that you seem to know more than clubs do in what they will be banned from in future years to come,, many of us shud have a long detailed chat with our clubs and respective committees respectively as they clearly lack your superior knowledge experience and qualifications to say how clubs will be effected in the long term........ Long past getting boring now And once again..... Now moving on
  6. GaryW

    Powering the Rx

    Doesn't say that happened at my club field at all anywhere... I do visit other flying sites aswell with friends from time to time.... Again moving on
  7. GaryW

    Powering the Rx

    Pass.. But good try.......... Moving on now
  8. GaryW

    Powering the Rx

    Please direct me to where I said anything about planes crashing at my club field seems my brain has had another brain fart and my cheap specsavers glasses once again appear to be defective and letting me down......
  9. GaryW

    Powering the Rx

    A stalled retract servo will draw a high current . This can flatten a battery very quickly which will of course result in a complete loss of control if the battery also supplies the receiver.... A high capacity receiver battery will only allow more time before a loss of control occurs so this is only a partial answer to this problem. A much better solution is to provide a separate battery to power the retract servo alone. This means that the receiver and flight control servos will be unaffected by any problems occurring with the servo operated retract system.
  10. just it is in the same way to more commonly blame pilot error than equipment failure I guess there Ron
  11. GaryW

    Powering the Rx

    you are entitled to you view however that wasnt the case as the rx battery was fully changed as the battery checker showed in the pre-flight checks
  12. GaryW

    Powering the Rx

    I Disagree..... A friend built a " Brand New " 72" wingspan Mustang a few years back with mechanical retracts & Retract Servo the old school way with him being of senior years so to speak,,, everything installed brand shiny new including the RX Battery and working correctly at the time of doing his pre-flight checks only to then proceed to take off and complete 2 circuits of the flying field for his shiny new plane to then dive for the ground to then mad a mad attempt to dig a tunnel to China....... Later on inspection is was discovered the 4.8v 3000mah Sub C RX Battery had failed due to a stalled Retract Servo that didn't switch off at the end of travel once the retracts have lifted up into the wing killing the RX Battery to dead flat in less than 30 seconds from take off....... Since then he now runs a separate battery for retracts in all his models than have retractable undercarraige
  13. If ur current radio is a DX9 and you want to move with the times ,, upgrade to a NX 6, 8 or 10 and stick with Spektrum... I recently moved up to the NX8 from my DX7S... NO WAY wud I trust RadioMaster seen to many people have planes and helis pile them self into the ground in a mad attempt to dig their way to Australia.. 2 within the last few months who were flying on Radiomaster.. also over the years seen the same happen with Taranis , Flysky & FrSky transmitters
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