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  1. Here u go unowotmanual.pdf
  2. I use these on my four strokes https://www.rapidrcmodels.com/remote-glow-plug-adapter-with-negative-wire-351-p.asp
  3. Thats weird.... i never got a single ad,, when i did a of lot of video work i had the full paid for version but only do video editing now and then so just use the free version now
  4. Normally on rear needle SC Engines theres a blanking plug on the side of the carb where needle valve would otherwise be,, all you need do is remove the blanking plug from the carb... Remove rear mount from the crankcase & unscrew the nedle valve body from the rear mounting bracket and screw the needle valve body straight into the carb
  5. I had to move the main needle on my series 3 SC 52 to direct into the carb due to it being mounted on a panic using an original panic type engine mount
  6. I use a free version of NCJH videopad for any videos i do.... https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html
  7. I cudn't find my roll of string,, Think Caz may have nicked it for her greenhouse Phil.......... and i just happen to pull a small chain out of my bits and pices draw and thought.. " Ah, Perfect "
  8. Had an unfortunate escape of the Compression Screw on my Diesel Glider last week..... The comp screw on my MVVS 1.5cc Diesel Engine decided to come out in flight and went the way of the wind.... All is not lost though..... Now have another engine fitted but this time to prevent it from happening again ,,, The comp screw on the new engine has its own dog lead on it and the original engine has gone off to have a new comp screw made for it... I've know it to happen has anyone else ever had it happen with a Diesel Engine....??
  9. Plumb the tank like this...... Fill & Drain thru Fuel Filler Dot
  10. Thanks EP.. beleive it or not she is very easy stable to fly with no unrepsponsiveness being only 3 ch with rudder & elevator,,,, and with no bad tendancies she is also very forgiving to fly when pulling loops and barrel typr rolls ,, and althought the all up flying weight is estimated at 4-6oz over weight she sure dont fly like she's overweight at all actually she is very light on her wheels..... Deffo made the right choice with kitting her out as an electric rather than glow .. Yours being 4 ch version it shud be capable of a b test but id suggest replacing the outside loop with a split s..... anyway happy flting mate
  11. GaryW

    Spektrum IX 14

    I upgraded from the DX7S to the NX8... more functions than i will ever need & a damnm good radio... I still have my DX7S for heli flying only coz i cant be bothered to set them up on the NX8 and the DX7S also serves as a backup incase the NX8 goes wrong for any reason
  12. My go to fuels are Model Technics Contest 10 more so as I normally run it in my helis or Southern Model Craft 10% Synthetic for all my engines 2 stroke & 4 Stroke,,, & SMF Sport Mix Diesel for my glider.... I did try Rapicon in a heli once...... Hell it turned my heli into a flying smoke machine the fuel was so smokey and nearly choked the whole flightline.... lol
  13. Ive got bout a dozen Taylor plugs in my flight box bought them on ebay recently unbused and still in original packets.. theres also one or two plus in my collection that also have idle bars,, I also use OS No.8 & OS F four stroke plugs
  14. Also if you had to reverse the throttle servo so as to get the throttle working the correct way round you MUST rebind the TX to the RX so as to reset the throtle failsafe for it to close the throttle shud failsafe kick in for any reason otherwise without rebinding after reversing the servo it will go to full throttle when failsafe kicks in which wud be incorrect failsafe operation
  15. GaryW


  16. Cud also be aliens or those pesky litle green goblins to be totally honest Ron who the heck knows anymore.......and in the words of Mulder & Scully in the X Files.. " The Truth Is Out There ........ Somewhere ".....
  17. Ok yes while that can be seen or read as a statement I agree there however the section of my post you clipped as above is not misleading in any way or form which while I respect ur view that which i was tlking about in my post is and still remains to be ablsolutely true of what I've seen happen and knows others to have happen and do in upgrading or moving to another make of radio so no what i was saying in my post wasnt and isnt misleading in my honest view.... Moving on now
  18. I can kinda relate there Ron..... There's a particular Spitfire I will be getting next week for my birthday kinda bought for me bu the good little wife... theres 2 versions... The VQ Models Spitfire which is distributed by Macgreggor but unfortunately they have no idea as to future stock as they have no oreders for any at this time,, and the second is the Nexa Spitfire distributed ny Motion RC which both appear to be the same model although I cant find a uk retailer that either stcks or can get the Nexa Spit... so I will have to order it direct from Motion RC which is based in the Netherlands just to get one ( pictured below ) and yes although i have in the past built the odd one or two models my self from either plan or kit.... I'm no builder and much prefer the ARTF type kits or I buy many models seconhand I hate building Ive never been any good at woodwork so not being a builder myself I dont fully class myself as a true RC modeller.... more an Rc Flier
  19. Yes i will stand corrected thanks Ron Taranis is a model name not a brand name which i named but admittedly I cudnt recall at that particular which brand or make it was as to checking facts ,, as i wasnt stating facts as to what makes and brands are lesser brands and makes theres no facts to check as I was giving an honest opinion BIG DIFFERENCE !! .. while yes in my own view & opinion I personally inh my own view consider non particular items and products across the whole range of RC goods and extras to be lesser brands now in the 2.5 ghz world just as i did with Sanwan, Hitec, ASP, SC & other Rc makes and brands back in the days of 35 mhz which at times also included Turnigy, KDS Hobbyking & walkera....... To give my view is honest and above all my own view of which like so many in any hobby Im entitled to give and not just in the RC Modelling World and while yes some will agree and there no doubt are thise that disagree end of the day everyone has a view & opinion and like a certain body part ,, that & opinions are the same... Everyone has one,, its all horses for coarses what works for one wont always work for others each to their own and all that Hopefully I hope you will take a certain body part reference with the humour it was intended but if offence has been taken my apologies .....
  20. While I respect peoples opinions Outrunner,, like myself and many others you are entitled to your view & opinion,,, Call it what you will, although what i was describing and talking about that happened to a fellow flier still remains to be 100% absolutely true,,,, Now I cudda said ur comment to me was also as you say an "" Even bigger load of old cobblers " however while that may also be true ,, I didnt say that or smilararily comment in that way as my parents taugh tme to be somewhat politer than that... So I will just simply say ....... " Thankyou for your view & input, have a nice day & Happy Flying "
  21. Heres the BMFA Club Finder Map https://bmfa.justgo.com/clubFinder.html
  22. Well generally 1 of 2 things will happen with " Total Radio Failure "....... 1, Model will say "" Ta-Ta " and fly itself off on its holidays..... & 2, Fly itself into the ground and try digging its own tunnel to Australia,,,, Most recent one I know of is a fellow flier in another club was flying on " Buddy System " under tuition.... First the Student TX looses all connection & control of the model,, then seconds later the Master Tx also looses connection & control of the model and it takes option 2 from above and rapidly starts making its way to Australia , now whether the failsafe kicked in noone can 100% say but the model totally alialated itself when it hit the ground...... Upon later full inspection testing using the original rx and other Rx's along with 2 other Tx's ,,, results showed the Tx's both totally failed ... With that rersult the guy changed straight away to Spektrum dumping the Radiomaster gear and has never looked back and is now flying solo Over the years I've not just seen and known others that have had issues with other makes of radio & yes including the more well known expensive systems but none of those that have used lets call them " Lesser Brand Cheaper Radios " like RadioMaster, FlySky, Corona, Taranis, etc...... ever go back or continue to use those systems and quickly upgrade to more better & trusted systems..... Personally myself in my 35 mhz days was a Futaba & JR Flier,,, yes once or twice I did have A Sanwa & Hitec TX ,, then when 2.4Ghz came out I looked at the various brands that wre aavilable at the time and choose Spektrum as at the time seemed yo be the better system and still do ,, I myself whether as a RC Hobbiest or even back in my days of working in the RC Model Trade would ever reccomend an item or a system or even a model I have not used myself ..... While yes its true there is a range of models that I may not have been very supportive of over the years both personally & professionally but after seing and hearing so many people rave them up and say the....... Yes i will admit it's the Ruckus everyone knows them... I decided finally after 30+ years to bite my tongue and bought one secondhand for a cheap hack about which I didnt mind if it didnt last for long ,, stuck a 52 4 stroke in it and I now can surprisingly & honestly say I've finally come across a model from that range that really don't fly half bad and it's now one of my best flying models and I really for once can't find anything to complain about with it No I'm not a convert of the model range I will just say it's a one off event that will probably never be admitted by me again this century........
  23. Yes ur right Ron.... their are other good nakes of radio,,, Futaba & JR being 2 of them which are very good and reliable as is FRSky
  24. I know quite a few people that have used Radiomaster & have nothing but trouble with Radiomaster even to the point of total radio failure in flight
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