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Graupner Silentius Model with Vector unit

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Silentius is first electric model kit in the world. It is a free flight model uses dethermalizer. RC versions were made by modelers.

Model need to be under 80 grams for Vector Extreme unit. I'll give a curve to balsa sheet wing by brushing Vallejo water based clear acrylic varnish on upper surface and nitrate dope on lower surfaces. I'll brush fuselage and empennage one or two coats acrylic varnish and measure total weight between coats.


(Image from rc-network.de)


Graupner Silentius

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Here is my replica Graupner Silentius model. It was constructed from an original plan obtained from the German Vintage Model Association, (akin to UK SAM35). The original Graupner/Faulhaber geared motor was fitted though it ran off 50mAh NiCad cells of the time (1990).

I had the great pleasure of chatting with the late, great Ron Moulton who kindly gave me several original Salt-Water activated battery cells and an original Graupner Silentius prop assembly. These had been subject of testing (Aeromodeller?) when the kit was originally issued circa 1961.

A very rough foam free flight model called the 'Electra' was produced at a similar time in America. This also used the salt water cells. I still have an unbuilt 'Electra' kit.

My 'Silentius' model flew superbly and despite the fuse thermaliser, flew high then away towards some woods never to be found alas.

In 1986, Graupner brought out another called 'Silentius '86', this was for R/C though and ran on 7-8 NiCad cells, driving the common Mabuchi 550 geared motor (Graupner Jumo 550) with its plastic folding prop assembly. This model fortunately still survives and with today's LiPo cells flies better than ever!

militky free flight electric silentius.jpg

silentius dethermaliser.jpgsilentius free flight electric.jpg

electra fly.jpg

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That's a lovely-looking Flea, Max, with the prop in the scale position no less.

It must feel a bit strange when you throttle back for the first time and have no more control - I hadn't thought about that. I guess you have to position the model for landing whilst under power, then throttle back just before touchdown. Gusty winds must add a bigger than average element of uncertainty at this juncture.

I remember seeing adverts for the Silentius when it came out. It seemed to be very exotic at the time.

Good luck with your conversion, Levent thumbs up

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Thanks for this Kremen, it looks very good. Yes, that model reviewed in Aeromodeller magazine, but which issue I don't remember. It is very nice that you have original propeller that has been given by famous modeller Ron Moulton.

Electra Fly uses a Mabuchi motor?

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