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JML Mighty Sight

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Hi Guys

Like most, I'm sure, I get plagued with e-mails trying to sell me things. Most go straight into the trash file but every so often something worthwhile comes up.

Not sure why, but I get e-mails from JML, and their latest one had something they call Mighty Site. Link

These are magnifying glasses to be worn over ordinary glasses. Just got mine and surprised how good they are.

Sometimes I wear glasses, sometimes not, but if I don't I need to get a bit closer than normal to the object. However, when I do the magnification and clarity are amazing.

Helping also are two led lights built into the arms and set to illuminate the work.

If, like me, you are 'well stricken' in years, and the Mk 1 eyeball is getting a bit dim, these are a boon for fine work.

Worth a look?


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I bought two pairs of these Mighty Sight glasses and I can thoroughly recommend them. I recently constructed an electronic gadget on a teeny circuit board and I couldn't have soldered it up without these. They have a magnification of 1.6 which I found just right for the range I was using them at and they have to be sat almost on the end of your nose to work properly so you can wear your normal specs at the same time if necessary.?

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Hi Wingman, thanks.

Answer me a question.

Every time I start a new thread I get answers back in minutes, sometimes seconds.

I'm pretty sure you aren't all waiting with baited breath for me to post something, so what gives?

Is there some sort of alert I can set up to let me know when a new thread is started?

If so, how do I find it?



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