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  1. Trains huh! Was booked on no-change train from Aberdeen to Penzance today - got a notification from their app at 02.30 to say train was cancelled - bye bye holiday - not a joke🙄
  2. https://www.accountancywales.com/social-clubs/faqs/constitutional/unincorporated-associations-liability-of-members-officers-and-trustees/
  3. I'll try again just the link this time🤨. https://youtube.com/shorts/UhLcYku4FEY?si=ci4oFySIID
  4. Found this on YT thought it might be useful for indoor flyers although I'd be careful which end I picked up😝 Please accept cookies to access this content
  5. The starting credits of "the Repair Shop" used to show Jay Blades sweeping the floor and was the butt of non-PC jokes between me and the wife😄. He's now shown doing more important stuff - he's an MBE now dontcha know also he has touched the shoulder of the King. Don't watch it any more 'cos it's more about the sob stories now.
  6. One last hurrah for Lewis before he retires - good luck to him. Not sure that parliamo Bedfordia will cut it with the prancing horsies!
  7. Tim, you'll get approved for his ignore list as well if you're not careful😄
  8. Some people have an awfully complicated life😄
  9. My insurance company recently supplied a rental Subaru XV e-Boxer while my car was in for repair. I have no experience of EVs so I was curious as to the "e-Boxer" badging. It only seemed to flash up "EV" on the dash at odd low speed occasions so got the user manual online and checked it out. Firstly EV only operates at speeds below 40kph (eh!) OK so I tried it out - on the flat I could get it to run EV as long as I didn't accelerate (eh!) and as soon as the car started up the slightest of gradient, and the engine torqued up, the EV dropped out and the petrol engine restarted. So I dug out the specs as below. You can see that the battery will supply 568 watts (118.4 x 4.8) for an hour. The motor is rated at 12.3kW. So how long will the battery run the car for? - 568/12300 x 60 = 2.77 minutes at a max torque of 6.7 kg/m ( not very far up the rice pudding skin scale😄) All this extra juice has, of course, to drag the battery pack around, a pack which,incidentally, takes up half the boot space.
  10. Ah JD8 you may have misunderstood the concept of hugging which is enveloping the persons upper body with ones' arms and gently squeezing not putting arms around the person's neck and squeezing😄
  11. Cor! 8 minutes in the air without crashing - Awesome!
  12. My mate Bill’s wife sighed & tearfully said, "Why can’t you treat me like you did when we were courting?" So Bill took her to the cinema, on for a lovely meal, kissed her goodnight, then dropped her off at her parents.
  13. Mini circlip pliers work very well. Sold in a set of, usually, 2 outies 2inies straight and right angled. Also handy for modelling type circlips on motors etc.
  14. It's instead of the sirens on top of the old police boxes - remember them? Will still only give you time to place your head between your legs and kiss your a... er 'situpon' goodbye! (yoga practitioners only😄)
  15. Interesting that Paul Heckles's business is still running - Paul must be knocking 60 now. I did a week's RC Helicopter training with him back in 2000 - I'm sure the cost was £40 per hour using their kit so £200 per day for 5 days even then - that's when I used to get a large annual bonus which I could blow on stuff like that!
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