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Turnigy 9X deleting models

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Hi Jeff.

Never used a 9X, but a common mistake that people make with other transmitters is that they try to delete the current model that they have selected, which is not possible.


Select ANOTHER model as the currently loaded one first, then from the model select menu scroll for the model you want to delete, press menu, then hold exit, then press menu again when it asks for confirmation. Hope this helps.

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Hi Gary

Thanks for the thought, but that's one that came up on a google search, and is not the answer. Did, however, start me thinking, and I think I've cracked it.

Two things that came up on the same search. In order to save a setting, I need to press both Menu and Exit at the same time. That seems to work.

The other is that if you change the  model type, again pressing Menu and Exit, that will wipe out all the settings on that particular memory.

Tried it now many times, and it seems to work ok.

So, thanks to you and FlyinFinn, case closed.


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