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  1. I only printed the link, I didn't have anything to do with the content creation!
  2. I believe the average time spent on social media by a teenager is somewhere around 5 hours a day, how much time does the average model builder spend in his/her shed building models I wonder. Probably not 5 hours EVERY DAY. Is it any surprise to discover there are no teenagers joining the modelling community.
  3. There is no way any telemetry is going to pick up all transient spikes, the uP however will and it *could* only take one for the uP to enter reset. A larger capacity battery or even a largish capacitor on the power feed will help reduce the chances of a brownout but a separate battery removes it entirely. As others have mentioned, the problems occur when an adverse condition materialises, not during normal operations and I dare say you have not conducted sufficient testing to confidently make your assertation. I suggest you re-try your retracts operating while watching the telemetry but this time jam both the legs and subject the airframe to some serious vibrations in a noisy RF environment. Everything you do to reduce liability increases the reliability.
  4. Turns out it is an unban myth...... "China Export"[edit] See also: Backronym and China Compulsory Certificate In 2008, a logo very similar to CE marking was alleged to exist and to stand for China Export because some Chinese manufacturers apply it to their products.[22] However, the European Commission says that this is a misconception.[20] The matter was raised at the European Parliament in 2008.[23] The Commission responded that it was unaware of the existence of any "Chinese Export" mark and that, in its view, the misunderstanding had arisen because a producer had failed to respect the precise dimensions and proportions of the mark as prescribed in the legislation.[20] The Commission was also aware of fraudulent misuse of the mark on products that did not comply with the standards, but that this is a separate issue.[20] It had initiated the procedure to register CE marking as a Community collective trademark, and was in discussion with Chinese authorities to ensure compliance with EU legislation.[20] Chinese (and other non-EU) manufacturers are permitted to use the mark provided that the goods have been manufactured in accordance with the relevant EU directives and regulations.[20] Nevertheless, and despite the Commission's assurance that it is without foundation, this urban myth continues to propagate on many websites.[24]
  5. I can vouch for this statement. For a while I used to help a mate of mine selling R/C electronics at R/C meetings, towards the end of the day while we were packing up, we still had a couple of items that we really didn't want to take home so we put a label on it 'free - help yourself', some 'bargain hunters' came and had a look but no one decided to take the items away so eventually we threw them in the skip. As we were driving away we saw some of the 'bargain hunters' climbing into the skip and coming out with one of our discarded items in their hand and a smile on their face..... Happy days and fond memories!
  6. You really don't want to be downwind of that! 'During a battery fire, gases are released which can pose both an explosion risk and the threat of death if inhaled. But these appear as black smoke, meaning that first responders might be unaware they are breathing toxic chemicals. These include carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen cyanide – infamously, the main component of Zyklon B – as well as hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride.' Zyklon B - think gas chambers and 'nasty' people. https://theloadstar.com/toxic-smoke-from-battery-fires-a-hidden-but-major-risk-says-tt-club/ 😡Indeed.
  7. It is worse than that, are you SURE the CE actually is the correct European certificate mark? https://www.kimuagroup.com/news/differences-between-ce-and-china-export-markings/
  8. Make your own? https://www.barcs.co.uk/forums/topic/3682-diy-blister-clear-servo-covers/
  9. It might be interesting to see if you get reimbursed for this as it appears to be so widespread. The banks can hardly argue it is a genuine transaction! "The scam appears to be spreading across Australia, although similar social media posts about Jet Frog in Europe and the US stretch back to 2021." It makes me wonder why any bank in the world would still process any card transaction from 'jet frog'
  10. Who are you gonna call? Their helplines are all down because of a power cut 🤪 https://community.ee.co.uk/t5/Mobile-Network-discussions/Do-EE-Masts-have-battery-backup/td-p/1122945 https://www.standard.co.uk/news/tech/power-cuts-sussex-london-mobile-phones-burgess-hill-b1067548.html
  11. As Denis says...and if you lose your wallet? I believe you are liable for any transactions made before you inform your card supplier, why would you NOT prevent, or at least deter the finder from helping themselves to your bank account? You might think you could prove the item wasn't bought by you because it was not delivered to your address but I can order stuff to a local locker, all it needs is a temporary email address and the cahoonas to go pick it up. .... and for what? How much of an imposition is it for you to delete those numbers off your card?
  12. What could possibly have been the reasoning behind this? In my eyes it isn't so much a case of how stupid can you be, it is a case of how stupid can the JR designer be! What possible benefit could there be to design something like this that is a polar opposite to everybody else's design norms.( I mean outside radio control circles as well), other than bolstering their repair business at their users expense.
  13. Perhaps an angle worth thinking about is the cvv2 code written on the back of everyones credit & debit cards. This is the one you need to make an internet transaction, not your PIN which is the code you need for a face to face transaction. There are just three pieces of information any trader needs to make a debit on your card, the card number, the expiry date and the cvv2 code - all 3 are on your card. If an unscrupulous trader (or anyone with access to your card for a very short while for that matter) made a note of those three pieces of info then they would be able to make a fraudulent transaction on your card. I NEVER buy anything on the internet from anywhere other than on my chair in my home so it is easy for me to scratch the cvv2 off my cards after making a note of the number on a piece of paper stuck to my noticeboard, that way, no one would have the info required to make a transaction on my card. ........ makes you think huh! How many of those with these fraudulent transactions on their cards can honestly say they have never let anyone have access to their cards for long enough for them to make a note of the cvv2 and the expiry date because they already have the card number in their tills! There is talk of a brute force attack being employed in this current wave of fraud, which might indicate the fraudsters don't have one of the 3 pieces of info and have to try many different combinations of cvv2 (for example) which is why the banks are able to detect the attack so perhaps, while you are busy scratching off the cvv2 code it might be worth considering doing the same to the expiry date if your replacement cards come with only printed and not embossed dates.
  14. Looking at you photo of the steering arm I would be concerned that there is not enough 'meat' left in the rudder post after drilling it out for the bolt. I think normally you just file a flat in the face of the shaft for the grub screw to sit it and locktite it in place. It might be too late now, maybe consider silver soldering the steering arm to the rudder post once you have it centered?
  15. Check the formed thread in the clevis is a good fit to the turnbuckle, then lock it up with a locknut. It will prevent the thread wearing should there be any rattling between the turnbuckle and the clevis.
  16. I think if the plug is a tight enough fit in the socket to be considered electrically good and mechanically secure it is tight enough to rip the entire combo off the fuz while trying to remove the plug.
  17. ...Also remember that static thrust is measured in Chinese grams.
  18. They really aren't that complicated, but they might mean your inheritance won't go where you might want them to and the French state will cream off a chunk for itself. Good old Napoleon!
  19. Undoubtedly true, but not to the exclusion of lifting your gaze from the 5" screen and taking in your surroundings, seemingly living their lives vicariously through a data plan. I have computers at home for all my digital requirements, all with copious real estate on their screens, I have a GPS built into the car to help me if I should actually feel the need to travel beyond my departure points 'line of sight' and I have plastic cards keeping my cash company safely in my wallet. The ONLY necessity my mobile provides me is secondary identification while accessing sites from my computer chair and so my mobile hardly ever leaves my house....... Talking about secondary identification, why do sites demand you perform secondary identification on your mobile by the way - surely, if your card has fallen into the hands of some nefarious character then your mobile might well have done so as well, would it not be better to perform secondary identification by ringing a fixed line at your home?. I would have thought if you are out and about when you 'lose' your cards you have more important things to do than continue shopping. Also - card security - I scratch off the three digit 'security code' on my cards, it is of no use to you when making purchases when out and about but is of great value to thieves should your card be lost. Just keep a record of the code at home for use when making purchases on-line.
  20. I use Opera browser. I've been using a private browser window to watch YouTube, it allows me to keep the inbuilt ad blocker running and still watch YouTube content. The down side is you have to log in to sites every time you access them in a private window so I keep two browser windows open, one private and one normal and choose which one to use (normal normally but private for YouTube). however, I notice that YouTube has now reverted to not insisting you allow advertising and can watch YouTube in a normal window without the nag screens. Let's see how long that lasts! I also have no problem with the cookie consent icon on here, but I do have decent real estate on my screen and very rarely try to view anything on a mobile.
  21. or...."we are going to keep you hanging on this open premium rate phone line as long as we can so we can post a profit for our customer service department'
  22. I think perhaps you have D1 as the #Define GPS_RX_PIN D1 (or #Define GPS_TX_PIN D1) For the super mini the correct designation for the pins is just the number without the 'D'. So delete the D to leave #Define GPS_RX_PIN 1. Also remove the D in the #Define GPS_TX_PIN (whatever) statement. If that doesn't work perhaps start a new thread Andy? TinyGPSplus and TinyGPSplusplus are both in the archive so nothing else is required
  23. Yep...you pays your money and you take your chances.. I was basing my comment on the fact that they advertise a range of servos of differing technologies and capabilities. They are not an aliexpress shop with a name like 'shop28456295462'. Anyhow, the decision has now been made.
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