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  1. Camping & entry cost (prebooked): - For one person in a small tent £120 (ie me) For 2 people plus children in a monster motorhome £120 I dont feel this is fair!
  2. Having had my work pc "upgraded" to 11 from 10, I find the "improvements" frustrating as much of it seems to be changing the way things happen for the sake of making it different but not better. There are ways of turning features off but you have to dig deep for many of them. Even notepad is frustrating as it resembles notepad++ which is fine for looking at code eg html or xml but give me old fashioned notepad any day for simple text. Although the original notepad.exe is buried in the file system, the OS prevents you from changing to old notepad as default for .txt files! The one thing that is good is printscreen button fires off "snip" screen grabber. Still looking for a second good thing. I can see why the unix systems (eg mint) are gaining popularity! Regards Mr ludite
  3. Pater Nosta lifts ! We had one at Perry Barr college. A common trick was someone would be pushed into the down going lift on the ground floor. Normally they would reappear on the upside a few moments later unless the emergency button was pressed resulting in spending hours in the dark!!! That trick was tried on me. I held onto the two handrails to stop myself being pushed in but with the weight of some 5 people pushing, something had to give. One handle came off the wall and my right hand was twisted around the remaining handle. Luckily the emergency button was pressed before the roof came down onto me, hanging from a handle. One broken scaphoid bone in the hand and in plaster for 5 months. Official story, I slipped on ice. Hours of fun on them things. We used to pretend to new starters that the boxes turned upside down when the went over the top or bottom. We would go down then lay on our backs as if turned through 180 degrees and fallen. Apparently, they had trip switches when underneath or or over the top so any excess movement would trip the lift resulting in self inflicted hours in the dark !!! I know of someone who escaped the "over the top" entrapment by climbing over the chain/cogs into the motor room on the top floor. That wouldnt have been pretty if it restarted during the escape. Wonder why they were banned???
  4. Back to electric shocks, in the 80s I built a pulse jet and for ignition used a mini spark plug attached to a oscillator/capacitor discharge electronic ignition/ignition coil, all mounted in a box. The box had a momentary button that activated the sparks that could be as long as 1.5" and some 200 per second. Pushing a button whilst trying to start the jet was a waste of a hand so i used to put the 12v battery on the button to free my hand up for pulsejet starting activities. When it burst into life the first reaction is to remove the crock clip from the plug like you do for a glow (and not remove the battery off from the button). That wakes you up!!!!! Must have done that dozens of times!
  5. I used a servo slow using an sg14 on a Hotspot jet air brake. The servo, an s9255 9kg digital futaba servo would not lift the airbrake when slowed but was fine at full speed (via a switch). This digital servo appears to have a overload protection as after landing, the partially opened airbrake did not open despite no airflow but shut ok when commanded and then opened ok when commanded. I suspect marginal servo performance on a high load surface combined with lack of momentum from the servo motor/gearing when slowed? I have since changed to a 25kg savox servo (without the slow function) and futaba 16sz.
  6. Im sure the same could be said of a spitfire, not being built by the wright bros so not a classic. Not seen the Heage bike show for a while so no chance to wear the windymiller outfit! Early July i'm at a show at Crich tramway museum. The kawasaki triples club will be next to the vincent owners club (by invite!) so they must like us!!!
  7. Its a classic bike meet at Papplewick this mayday bank holiday. Will be there with the kwak (weather permitting)!
  8. You cant. Just download your old version if you want to put it back (assuming you can still find them - it been a while since i last did it?) If not, many of us have the older versions downloaded that could be sent to you.
  9. Hi Flying Squirrel. The post on 23 march will do exactly what you are saying. I only made a mockup of it so didnt post any pics of it. The max height recorder I made several years ago is similar except it now includes max speed too as well as max altitude.
  10. No Probs, many minds and all that!!! Cheers
  11. Hi Flyinflynn, Yesterday my ESP32C3 super mini dev arrived. As you said, a nice bit of kit bar the pin count in which case the esp32 would take over (used one of these to make an internet radio which works well). Progress indeed. When ive got time i will try the ported code you sent thanks Cheers
  12. Hi FlyinFlynn Looks good. Interested to hear how it goes with both gps'. Ive ordered a ESP32C3 to play with and a smaller sd card too (i used what i had in "stock"!)! Point to note that the my original sketch was evolved to suit the barely adequate memory of the nano, particularly with respect to the writing of strings of data. Making a single string with several appended variables pushed it over the edge with erratic results. Your processor wont have that issue! Re flight coach, i have looked for hardware requirements for it but yet to find any (the first link from Peter Jenkins doesnt work for me!) Any info would be appreciated. cheers
  13. altimeter.inoaltimeter-serial.ino Max speed and altitude o meter files
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