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  1. Yes and that's before the balloons turn up.
  2. Thanks John. I've had a read and it looks reassuring but the planned site is obviously nearby for the meeting to be set up in the first place. Fingers crossed and hopefully the flying site and the AirLander site will be able to co-exist well into the future. On a positive note, I suppose this and the Airport re-opening are both good things for Doncaster and Doncastrians.
  3. Carcroft Common! Could that be a threat to DVMFC flying site? I hope not.
  4. God I hated that paper clip and every nagging, petty, interfering, annoying thing it stood for. If I want help, I’ll ask for it.
  5. I think that Freddy Flintoff might disagree with you here. It was one of these Morgan 3 wheelers that caused his life changing injuries.
  6. I hope I don't get into trouble for taking the Mickey out of the way that Sean Connery pronounced his S's.
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