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Precedent Druine Turbulent Restoration

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Just acquired a very nice complete Precedent Druine Turbulent, 1/3rd scale model.

It was originally OS160 powered and very well finished in nylon including rib tapes, scale markings, the whole deal.

The model has been a hanger/loft/workshop/ queen for many a year and the painted nylon covering is now crazed in places, with a good layer of congealed old fuel on top for good measure.

The overall condition though is good, no tears or obvious damage.

Question One: Folk that have tackled such a restoration, what do you recommend i.e. best cleaning solutions and methods?

Until I fly the model, (which will be electric powered), I would prefer not to totally strip the nylon and recover. (Assuming that proves necessary or even viable). 

Question Two: Anyone have a copy of the original Precedent Turbulent kit instructions I can have a copy of? (Would cover any costs or else send me a pdf/scan).

Question Three: Any current or former owners that can offer hints & tips on flying and handling e.g. control throws, c of g used etc.

Thanks in advance.

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            Love a good resto myself, in recent years it has been my thing rather than building new.

            The question is what finish was used in the original build ?  And how good a finish you want in the end.

            Perhaps just start with some warm soapy water and see what comes off, kitchen degreaser may work also without being to harsh. 

             When it comes to the castor softening with alcohol / acetone to soften then covering the area with talcum powder that sucks the oil from the covering over a couple of days, then scrape the residue off.

   Is the crazing in the colour coat itself or just the likely fuel proofing coat ? 

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Unfortunately, closer examination shows the crazing in the colour itself, (think old masters paintings in art galleries - this is model mastery though!).

Most of the paintwork is pretty good, given its likely age, history and old grime.

I fear start work on the 'bad' bits and the whole model will then need a re-cover which would be a huge task and I still like to have time enjoy other models and flying!

If I can make the model reasonable looking, given its age etc., I can at least fly it.

Then, if it really excites me and I feel the major effort, time, not to mention considerable expense, in tackling 'acres' of new covering, paint etc. I'll go ahead with a major refurb.

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I also bought a second hand one a few years back. Strangely I've always found Baby Wipes to be a good way of cleaning off old muck.


The former owner had written the throws etc on the underside of the cockpit floor. Plus there was a kit review (in two well illustrated parts) in the RCMW Nov and Dec 1997 magazines, the latter also covers the throws. Details as follows, with the RCMW version in brackets.


CG:  13 cm from LE (5 1/8")

Rudder:  75 mm each way (3" each way)

Ail: 32 mm up, 16 mm down (1 1/4" up, 3/4" down)

Elev:  28 mm up, 32 mm down (1" each way)

Ail to Rud Mix:  30% (not mentioned in RCMW), I put this on a switch but can't remember whether I used it or not.


Jon on here recommended that I fit a Laser 155, it flies beautifully with that.  

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       I have a couple of old models with nylon covering. The starboard lower wing's paint finish of my old DB Major Mannock was pretty well ruined so after cleaning off the worst with acetone and powder carefull sanding with wet and dry removed the remaining bits and wing was repainted

 My 1970's built Bleriot had a similar problem on the underside of port wing, similar treatment cleaned it up and it was then left natural fabric. Pic shows work in progress.



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