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Black Horse FW190 retracts (70" version)

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The retracts supplied with this (somewhat long-in-the-tooth) kit are rather flimsy air units. Given the 75 degree retract angle what replacement electric retracts have people used? And/or what other (reasonably priced ) options are available? Has anyone successfully used the supplied BH pneumatic one for more than a few flights?

For sure there are quite a few 90degree retracts  out there but there doesn't seem anything much at a reasonable price in 120 size with 75-80 retract angle. 


BH FW190 pic.jpg

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I'm fairly sure that the one I have the pleasure of flying for a clubmate is fitted with;

E-Flite EFLG510 60-120 85deg Strut Ready Main Electric Retract

  • Application: 8.0-15.0 lb (3.60-5.80 kg) aircraft/helicopters
  • Speed: 1.25 sec @ 4.8V, 1.0 sec @ 6.0V, 0.8 sec @ 7.4V
  • Weight: 4.6 oz (130 g) each
  • Connector Type: Universal


I will probably be able to check with him tomorrow...Steve Webb sells them for @ £145 a set.

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My Black Horse FW. 190 is fitted with E-Flight electric retracts. . At the time, the only ones available were 90 degrees units, so that's what went in. 


It's only the purists who will notice the extra 5 degrees. . . To be honest, it has better ground handling with the 90 degree units, and the U/C looks a lot less "vulnerable" too.  

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An update on the FW 190 retracts issue. I have managed to source a new, but well discounted, set of the now-discontinued E-Flite 60-120 retracts with 81degree retract angle. These were designed (I think) for the H9 ME109 kit. Good news is they fit easily into the Black Horse FW 190 model and the oleo struts that come with the kit are a perfect fit in the E Flite retracts. It gives nearly the correct angled look (81 degrees vs. 75 degrees) when extended and the wheels sit nicely on the ground when down. 

The info might help someone else wanting to replace the air units on the BH kit.

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