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  1. Such an obvious solution to drought conditions, it's a wonder nobody thought of it before.. 40 seconds.... Enjoy.
  2. The Mouse was a horrid addition. The wretched things caused no end of misery. It was a happy day when they fell off, never to be seen again.
  3. Leaving aside the voltage issue - which is easily solved with a voltage regulator - WHY would anyone deliberately install 50-year-old (museum piece) servos in a their shiny, new models? It is a weird practice which leaves me completely baffled.
  4. The dear old "evergreen", analogue, Futaba s148 seems to revered with almost God-like status in some quarters. This is a servo which has been around for almost as long as the dinosaurs have been extinct. However, this longevity doesn't necessarily make it a particularly fabulous servo. The 148 is not ballraced so it has a wobbly output shaft. This wobbliness gets worse with the passage of time. It also has fairly sloppy, lacklustre resolution. They are okay in applications which don't require a particularly high performance, but any aircraft beyond a basic trainer generally appreciates better servos. . YES there is a difference, and that difference can be immediately detected from our stick inputs. Regrettably, I have seen far too many instances where a "jolly old 148" has been employed in aircraft which really should have better servos. . It's scary at times. It can be likened to embarking on a lengthy road trip on an overloaded moped. Yes, it might get you from A to B, but a Jaguar would be a much better, less stressful choice of vehicle. People are free to overload their lowly mopeds if they want. Personally, I wouldn't even use a 148 on the throttle. .
  5. Just use Prosynth from Weston UK. Blue nectar for engines.
  6. A nun is having a bath and there’s a knock at the door. She says, “Who is it?”, and the reply comes, “It’s the blind man – can I come in?” So she says, “Alright then, come in”. So this chap walks in, looks at the nun and says: “Very nice...... Now where do you want me to hang the blind?”
  7. Police came to our house the other day and said that my dog was seen chasing someone on a bike. I said, "That can't be right... my dog hasn’t got a bike.”
  8. It certainly is a crazy situation. Some of us are actively promoting the hobby and attracting new members to our Clubs Meanwhile, others are actively slamming the doors in people's faces. It's a funny old world sometimes.
  9. Something which the owners of the Forum have probably never contemplated is this: Most people don't want to be tracked. Also, if/when people become disenchanted and annoyed with an overflow of adverts interfering with the flow and enjoyment of the various threads, they can (and will) leave.
  10. Yes indeed, some clubs have a limit on membership numbers, but the Club should at least have the good manners to impart this piece of information. I wonder how many other Clubs have a disgraceful, "snotty" attitude towards new people enquiring about joining. . . ?
  11. I don't get any adverts appearing in any threads. In fact, I was completely unaware of this phenomenon. Adblockers are clearly working properly. . . Yayyy. Nobody should have to endure being rudely "slapped in the face" by relentless adverts. No doubt the advertisers think they are being very clever. . . In reality, their actions have the opposite affect on me, and I would refuse to do business with them.
  12. If you're within reach of Wellingborough, Northants, you are welcome to come to our club for assistance and advice. . . . . and to have a few goes on our trainers.
  13. One of my grandchildren. He came to the field to have a go at flying a trainer on the buddy-box, but preferred to fall in love with my Me.110.
  14. I didn't take the shot -- I was a bit busy flying the Spitfire at the time -- but I like this picture of some spirited, close formation flying with Richard Scarborough. Picture taken at Barkston.
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