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  1. I'm building a detailed model of mount Everest and my wife asked if it's to scale............No, I replied, it's just to look at!!!
  2. My local field is still like a swamp but flying is now possible at another club. It's great to blow some dust off some old favourite models.
  3. It really is quite simple, regardless of whatever the belligerent "Grumpy Brigade" might want or say, we are governed by common sense and the law. Okay, Common Sense isn't that common anymore but the law is clear. 1). You are responsible for flying your model aircraft in a safe manner. 2). Article 241 - Endangering safety of any person or property. A person must not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property. Simply flying over the Karts will be enough to be breaking the law.
  4. It is the pilot's responsibility to ensure any flight can be undertaken safely. If it all goes wrong, the individual pilot will in the spotlight. However, if there is a serious accident, it won't do the entire club any favours.
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